Dogfighting in 1976 but still prospers in

is an illegal blood sport or “event” that has been going on for years and yet
people are still oblivious.” Dogfighting first started in Rome with the dog
fighting other animals, like bears, in the Coliseum and wasn’t outlawed until
1835 in England. Sadly enough the dogs were then taken to America in 1817 and dog
fighting had once again started. Dogfighting became so popular in America that
the United Kennel Club began to sponsor the blood sport and as the matches
became more private and laws started taking place, the United Kennel Club
withdrew. Dogfighting was officially banned and deemed illegal in 1976 but
still prospers in today’s society” (Gibson par. 2). People should stop viewing
dogfighting as a “sport” and start realizing the severity of the issue because
it is linked to other crimes, it is inhumane, and it is indeed against the law.

            One reason that it is important to
start noticing dogfighting is because it is “linked to gang activity and other
crimes which are, illegal gambling, possession of illegal drugs, possession of
illegal weapons, it can be linked to assaults and homicides and also puts children
in endangerment” (Dogfighting par. 8). In high crime cities the standardized debilitation
of every new generation begins early on. Most children are automatically
exposed to dogfighting and are forced to just accept the subjective violence as
normal. The recurring exposure of the children to casual animal abuse and
neglect is a prime contributing factor in their later display of social
deviance (Gibson par. 5). In one article written by William Hageman he talks of
a conversation Sgt. Steve Brownstein had with a child to which Sgt. Steve
Brownstein said, “In many neighborhoods where gangs are strong, you now have 8-,
9-, 10-year-olds conducting their own dogfights. Or being spectators at the
fights people are holding” (Hageman 1).  

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dog fighting is a foolproof way for gangs to receive profit through drugs and
illegal gambling. The drugs are usually hidden near the dogs that are tied up
where the dogs can protect it, to which many people do not investigate. The
other issue is illegal gambling. During the fights participants will bet on
which dog will win but can also “include cars, property titles, weapons, drugs,
jewelry, and other valuables” (Gibson par. 4).

            Another reason why dogfighting
should be stopped is because it is inhumane. There is not one person who, in
their right mind, can say that abusing animals is acceptable. The animals are
powerless and defenseless. Dogs want nothing more than to please their humans,
so if you make a dog run on the treadmill with chains tied around it, the dog
will run and if you put the dog in a cage to fight another dog, it too will oblige.
The preparation and aftermath of training a dog to fight and having a dog is
inhumane because at the end of the day it is just animal abuse. The dogs spend
their time chained in one particular area, training or combating. They
frequently stay in small cages with filthy conditions. The trainers will use
incredibly heavy chains to keep dogs in a certain area, regularly adding
weights to them, all with the purpose of increasing a canine’s upper-body
strength. However the dogs are kept close to each other, but are just out of
reach in an effort to increase their hostility. For training, the dogs will run
on treadmills with chains around their neck, hang from a baited chain, in order
to increase their jaw and hind leg strength, as well as tread in pools till the
trainer deems fit. Some trainers will use different drugs and give them to the
dogs to affect certain behaviors in the dog (Silverman 4). The trainers will do
whatever it takes for their dogs to win, as an example, giving the dogs
steroids to increase muscle growth and feeding them roach poison so the
opposite canine will no longer want to latch onto the fur for the duration of
the fight. Trainers will even file down and sharpen their dogs’ teeth, dock
their ears and tails, unprofessionally by themselves which can be dangerous to
the dog, to prohibit the other dog from clamping down and using it as an
advantage point (Dogfighting par. 4).

            When it comes to the actual fighting
it is just as inhumane as the training. “Dogfights can go on for hours, and by
all accounts, they are gruesome events. A dogfight often results in severe
injury or death for one of the animals. Many owners kill their dogs if they
lose or are severely injured. Reported methods of killing, some of which were
allegedly used on NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s property, include drowning,
electrocution, hanging, shooting, burning or beating a dog against the ground.
If they do survive a fight, dogs are often maimed or die from blood loss,
dehydration or infection” (Silverman 5). When there are dogs that do not fight
or lose fights they can also be used as bait dogs. The champions however are
used in fights repeatedly creating a winning streak and are the ones chosen to
breed to create more fighters (Dogfighting par. 5).

            Another reasons why dog fighting
should be recognized as something serious is that it is illegal. Everyone tries
to stop drugs, murders, and everything else in between but when you bring up a
case about dog fighting they turn their head or become silent. Even when you
have someone who is famous ,or well-known, involved in dog fighting some see it
as okay, or not that big of a deal and something cool that they should try. For
example Will Grigsby, who was a boxer, compared dog fighting to boxing and
said, “To me, it’s just like boxing. It’s cruel if you put a pit bull on a
poodle, or a pit bull on another pit bull that don’t want to fight. But if you
have two dogs that weigh the same amount in an organized dog fight, well,
that’s just like boxing”(Mosedale).