Dogs vs Cats Essay

However, dogs require more work because they need to be trained to go to the bathroom, not chew on things, and to be obedient to their owners. It’s a lot Of work, but it can also be rewarding to see your dog do tricks like rolling over, fetch, and shaking hands. Cats are easy to take care of, independent, and do not need a lot of attention. But they cannot be trained the way dogs can, because cats are not as smart as dogs. In fact, research shows that the average dog can learn 165 words, while a cat can learn about 35 words (source implantable. Com).

Big brains make great friends. Small brains … Ell sort of. Dogs can also perform tasks that help us. Dogs are strong animals that will protect their owners and guard their homes. In fact, some argue that dogs are the ‘best security system money can buy” (source carry. Com). Dogs can also help with tasks that humans have trouble with, or cannot do. For example, dogs can save people from drowning, serve on canine units of the police force, be part of search and rescue teams, or help the blind see (source sciences. Com). Cats cannot do any of these things.

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In fact, one of the most famous dogs from history is Ballot, a sled dog from Alaska who led a team wrought a blizzard in 1 925 to bring life saving medicine from Anchorage to None (source Wisped). A cat could never have done that. Dogs are also social animals. They want to be with their pack (or families) at all times. A dog wants to be with you and be loved by you. Dogs form strong bonds with their owners. They are loyal, and will love their families forever. Wichita, an Gait, is a great example of a dog’s loyalty. Every day, Wichita met his owner at the train station in Tokyo after his owner returned from work.

One day in 1 925, his owner died at work and never returned home. Wichita returned to the train station every day, even escaping from his new owners, to wait for his friend (source mother nature network). Now that’s loyalty! Cats, on the other hand, are solitary creatures, preferring their territory over people (source perfectas. Com). My cat, although friendly, is very independent. She prefers being outside, often roaming and hunting all day long, only coming in to eat or sleep. Occasionally, she will play. My uncle has two dogs, and they are always ready to play. Dogs also come in many shapes and sizes, some are big and some are small.

The varieties include Pug, Susie, German Shepherd, New Foundling, Beagle, Poodle, and many more. With this much variety, there is a dog for everyone. Cats are one size fits all. Throughout history, dogs have proven themselves to be intelligent, loyal, and friendly companions. They have also proven their willingness to serve their owners and to help others. Cats have proven themselves to be good hunters, independent, and cuddly. So who wins in the debate? Although they are both good pets, I believe that a dog’s loyalty, service, protection, and friendship truly make him “man’s best friend”.