Döhler smell or taste familiar to the consumer.

Döhler is one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of organic ingredients. They also supply integrated solutions and natural additives for the food and drinks industry.Through the use of innovative technology and the preservation of nature as their starting point, they claim to go the extra mile to really create an added value for society and the food industry.They have more than 10,000 applications on the market, utilising more than 4,000 different raw materials processed by over 50 innovative technologies. A staff of more than 5,000 employees work on projects for customers located in over 130 countries. They produce solutions for more than 120 B2C categories.They inspire their customers with an ‘unique multisensory experience’. They claim the key to long term success is a multisensory experience. This means making the product feel, look, smell or taste familiar to the consumer. By doing this, one can remember something more easily. By delighting customers with an experience created through branding, concept, colour or packaging, Döhler makes sure their products, and name, is remembered. Their department of Sensory & Consumer Science came up with this process. Döhler gives advice on the quality of multisensory of the products of other businesses, making them different from other companies. The fact they give other businesses the opportunity to success is very special.Expanding their expertise has been a constant process. Processing organic raw materials for decades already give them a baseline of knowledge, but there is always something new to learn and integrate into the process. Finding the best materials possible and using them is developed by trial and possible error. The aim is to create added value for the customer, gently processing the best materials into the product. However, it is not just about the product that makes the process successful. Efficiency, originality, taste and nutrition also play a great role in the product. The amount of raw materials used multiplied by the number of technologies and ways of extraction used give Döhler a lot of possible combinations to manufacture an authentic product.¨We have our finger on the pulse of the market, so that your food and beverages make consumers’ hearts beat faster.¨ This is a quote from the Döhler site. By knowing what the consumer wants in their product, the claim to control the market. By having the knowledge of what taste excites the client, which promises convince and what smell seduces the consumer to buy, they are able to tweak the products into best sellers. They keep an eye on the changes of the industry across all markets and even know the consumers at local levels. This knowledge allows Döhler to give advice effectively.