Don’t Charles and Dorothy Jemison. Her father

Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live” this quote is by Mae C. Jemison. She is a very influential women who has achieved so much in her life and isn’t close to being done. Mae grew up knowing she’d impact the world through her actions. Many of can take from this and continue to change the world.      To begin, Mae C. Jemison was born Oct. 17 1956 in Decatur Alabama. Her parents were Charles and Dorothy Jemison. Her father was a carpenter and roofer while her mother was a school teacher. She has a sister and brother. Ida Jemison, her sister, is a child psychiatrist and Charles Jemison, her brother, is a real estate broker. At the age of three, Mae and her family moved to Chicago for a better education. Growing up Mae would spend most of her time in the library learning about all kinds of sciences, her favorite was astronomy. In high school she wanted to have a career in biomedical engineering. She graduated from high school in 1973 and went to Stanford on the national achievement scholarship     To continue on, Mae graduated from Stanford with a bachelors of chemical engineering and a bachelors in arts in African and African-American studies. Mae then went to Cornell to finish her doctorate. Finishing school and becoming a general practitioner for a couple years, Mae decided to join the peace corps. When she was in the peace corps, she was able to learn Russian, Swahili, and Japanese.      After a couple years of doing that, Mae returned to the U.S. and wanted to pursue her original dream, astronomy. In 1987, Mae applied and was chosen to go to space. On sept 12 1992, Mae C. Jemison became the first African American women in space. On the Mission, she wasn’t studying a 2 bone cell research experiment. In 1993, she left NASA and went to teach at Dartmouth.     Some of Mae’s accomplishments have already been noted, her being the first African American women in space, trained doctor, her degrees in Science of chemical engineering but she has many others that haven’t been discussed. To name a few, Mae received the Science and technology award in 1988 or The ebony black achievement award and many more.      In addition, Mae C. Jemison what a huge impact for women and African-Americans. She’s an advocate for the stem programs and encourages girls do math and science. This leads to the Jemison group, the company founded by Mae C. Jemison. The whole point of the company is to encourage girls around the world to be exposed to math and science so they can learn about the world around them.