Dont Get Me Started On Coursework Essay

Oh, yes! I remember- my dreaded coursework. We poor students don’t just have English coursework to contend with but there is also History, German, Citizenship, Religious Education, and IN…

I could go on and on and on. You see, we are just plagued with endless coursework every so often. If you ask me, it’s nerve- wracking. The History coursework left me feeling quite like a relic, left on a dusty shelf while all my mates were in the park playing football.

I had to sacrifice my time of enjoyment in the park, to complete my History coursework.Isn’t that unfair? Not only this, but I have been told that, my subject P. E will soon be replaced by the intervention of a “coursework catch up,” class. When I heard this, I was not pleased to say the least.

I strongly believe that P. E should not be replaced by the teaching of another subject. What has happened to that old adage “healthy mind and in healthy body”? Don’t people believe in it anymore? P. E ensures that we don’t become couch potatoes and not only keeps us trim but sends neuroses in our brains running at a furious pace.

Furthermore, Coursework proves how this is such a pressing issue for us at this time. It clearly gives us unnecessary stress and anxiousness until the daunting marking process is done. The exam board: the least they can do is giving us some breathing space in between assessments. There’s literally like 4/5 every month! What also annoys me is the ridiculous task planning forms we receive. They are useless and the process to filling them out is even more outrageous. There’s a word limit and the “brief’ notes, they really don’t help you in any way so absolutelyNO point what-so-ever in having one of those vexatious things.

And what’s even worse is when different tasks get mixed up with each other causing a mini tornado in your folder. The task: This is one of the most aggravating and nerve-wrecking part of the process. The anticipation to the task and the guidelines kill me. It’s so annoying how crazy the task can make you go. Then you get the additional tension of the dreadful task-planning form. The Back- to-Back assessments: the amount of controlled assessments in one year is ridiculous.We have so many the stressed atmospheres we have to write these assessments in.

It’s so quiet like an exam so why not just call it an exam to make it simpler? Instead they give it a name “controlled assessments” where it’s veritably counted towards your final grade and yet the name sounds as unassuming as though it is a fun thing to do where actually, it is a percentage of your FINAL GEESE grade. There’s also the fact that the estimate grade you get, might as well not be final. Grade boundaries will only be applied after students’ folder of controlled assessment is submitted to the exam board.