Doritos Essay

The target consumers for Auditors are males and females between the ages of 16-24 years old. Consumers this age are able to afford Auditors themselves and fall in the Millennial generation segment. Millennial spend money on wants rather than needs for the majority of the time. Torso’s consumers have active and busy lifestyles. Torso’s isn’t targeted towards a specific gender and appeals to both males and females. As I said the main target age group would be between 16-24 but I believe children younger than 16 are also targeted by Auditors.

Torso’s isn’t targeted to a specific ethnic group or race. The company has a large target market and makes it product appealing and available to many different types of people. The experiences and strives within the cryptographic segmentation fall into Torso’s target market. The experiences are young, enthusiastic, impulsive, and social while the strives are trendy, fun loving, and peers important. Torso’s website is very bold and clear. The website is simple and anyone can maneuver through it. The Auditors Campaign for Crash the Super Bowl insists of the colors black and red.

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The color red represents energy, excitement, and creates urgency while the color black is bold and powerful. These bold and energetic colors connect with the target market of young and adventurous consumers. It is also appealing to new consumers who may look at the website for the first time and an interest will be sparked. Product attributes come from the Torso’s website that helps set that brand a part from other chip brands. Voting for your favorite Super Bowl commercial makes the website interactive for consumers. They are able to stay on it and articulate as if they’re making a difference.

I think When Pigs Fly is the best ad. This commercial is intriguing and can appeal to all target markets. It shows how hard someone would work and far they would go to get a bag of Auditors. It holds the viewers interest because it completes a story within the commercial. This ad will achieve the desired outcomes of effective MIMIC because it communicates the ultimate goal of obtaining a bag of Auditors.