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Because of computers, more workers are sharing more information in the workplace. This means that the typical worker who, in the past, did not have a lot of information is now getting that information and so the power that comes with knowledge is being diffused. 2. Stress – Stress has become a major health hazard in the workplace, resulting in stress-related absenteeism, medical expenses, alcoholism, and drug abuse. With the rapid increase of advanced technologies, more stress is added due to increased responsibilities without increased authority for the worker.

There is also an increased demand for higher education, which contributes to work related stress. 3. Free Trade – The argument for free trade is that every country would be better off economically if it produced only those goods it had an advantage in producing over other countries. Free trade affects workforce education because displaced workers will need retraining in order to compete for employment. And, free trade agreements result in a demand for workers in industries that have a rise in sales. 4.

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Global Economy – Because of the international economic competition among nations, the sociology of work has become internationalized with impacts of the economic and political events causing a restructuring of the world’s economy. Countries that had stable work ethics have to deal with embracing the new technologies and work identities that come with the world economy. 5. Downsizing ; Reorganization – Many jobs have been reconfigured due to reductions in mid-level management. The changes have affected the organizational structures of work from a pyramidal, centralized hierarchical structure to a flattened, decentralized structure.

This has caused a work environment consisting of teams and individuals who are solving more than one type of problem versus a hierarchy where individuals are specialized in only one area. Conclusion This paper covers only a small portion of the ideas discussed in class. But they are all fundamental in understanding the foundations of workforce education. While pursuing this degree I have learned about different theories relating to workforce education and development. These theories have demonstrated that training is a very important part of the workforce. Without education and training, the workforce would be effected negatively.