Dr. Wayne Dyer Essay

Reactions to Nonfiction Reading I chose to read Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires because I am at a point where I think that a self improvement book would help me look at life a little differently. I thought that this book would help me in ways that I could not help myself. Basically Dyer has four purposes. Primarily, to realize what imbalances you have between your daily existence and routines. Secondly, to focus on the more important things that you can control, rather than the things you have no control over.

Next, focus more on yourself, rather than let others opinions affect you in a negative way. Finally, do not let your addictions define you; love yourself for who you are. I agree with Dyer’s conclusion that “Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, since Spirit is everywhere and in everything” (171) because it is easy to let my mind wander and get the best of me. While thinking in a negative light, “you’re perplexed by the ever-present gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction that you can’t seem to shake, that pit-of-the-stomach sensation of emptiness. (06) I feel like I can relate to this because I let things affect me in such a negative way, that they start to affect my dreams. It becomes intertwined with reality and fantasy. Often time’s I feel as though I cannot deal with the hardships that I present myself with. Stressing over things I have no control over, is a perfect example of being imbalanced, Dyer tries to get me to understand that there are ways to deal with stress.

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Thinking negative thoughts only attracts negative things to happen. “There is nothing to do. Just be. Do nothing. Be. No climbing mountains and sitting in caves. I do not even say “be yourself” since you do not know yourself. Just be” (27) I feel as though this way of thinking works against everything that I am familiar with, such as my parents and others always tell me to try to do this, and that, instead of just saying “be yourself”.

More often than not, I find myself trying to please others, instead of trying to please myself, “being concerned with just your own personal assessment of your behaviors or actions, at the expense of what others think, can cause you to be out of balance. ” (41) Dyer let’s you know that it is okay to love your addictions, but do not let them define you “these are some of your greatest teachers. They’ve taught you through the direct experience