Dragon Nest Essay

My name is Tahil, Mohammad Frazer Ambutong born in Sitangkai Tawi-Tawi.

My life was simple and happy, when I was four-years old we transfer here in Davao City because life in Tawi-Tawi was hard. I grow up honest and loving to my friends and family here. Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all teens I do I have my “days of. ” That means I do have some sad days or depressed days. I have a few friends here that sort of look out for me and when I am having a bad day, I have someone here at school to talk to.I make my school days go by thinking of either the next hour or what I will do when I get home or on the weekend.

I’m not seeing anyone now but when I did have a girlfriend, our favorite places to go were the movies and out to dinner. Sometimes we went to the beach. We had fun everyday here in Davao and that’s why me and my mom decided to stay here. And then my real challenge starts in high school, first year. I had problems, I failed in my Chinese subject that was funny because I didn’t know that the school my mom enrolled me was a Chinese school here in Davao.That was really close because if I will not pass this subject I will be kick out from the school. By the time when I was in high school I dream of becoming a teacher, because I want to share what I know to people who are much unfortunate. But when I graduated, my parents decided that I will take Information Technology and it was tough.

And now my time in college has come and I know this will be much more “hard work”to do everyday. Time conflicts and early morning schedule makes my self so tired. But I know this is just the beginning, and by the way I am studying now in Ateneo de Davao University.I have good new friends and teacher, they have different personalities but we have lots of time having time in malls.

But anyway I forgot to introduce my family, I have one sister her name is Tahil, Fatima Jeshee. Everyday in our house there is always war between us we are shouting in each other, slamming our doors just because of one thing, the computer. But I still love my sister even if we are fighting in the house, my mom always remind me that I should take care of my sister. My mom work abroad, in Saudi Arabia as pharmacist there I always keep I mind that she is working hard there for us.That’s why I never give up on my own problems here, my mom was my inspiration in my whole life, she always motivate me when I am down.

I really appreciate what my mom is doing, and I promise to her that I will go to school everyday and going home early not missing any lessons in class. As I grow up without my mom here by my side, I learn many things when I step out in places here in Davao. I learn how to reflect and understand more myself than the others, finding solutions to my problems on my own. I help my auntie clean the house and watch over my little cousins, but I also have my own time in the house.

My hobbies are playing basketball with my friends, surfing on the net and logging in on social networking site like twitter. Although I play Dota, I still manage my time in school and on playing games in the computer. But getting back in my education I really dream of becoming a programmer even though in our place now, we are having a hard time in understanding the topics we discuss.

I believe that if I will continue to do more in my situation right now, I will be much more successful in life. I will not forget what my grandfather remind me always when I was in fifth-grade. If you dream, dream bigger.

”, And now I finally understand what’s the reason in going to school. I’m honest to myself that I’m doing this not just for myself, but for my parents too. In order to be successful in life I will bring and show up what I learn in this university right now. And being faithful to god is the moral I also keep in mind, connect myself to god is what help me reach to the finish line I know. I am an Islam, we always bring our beliefs outside and show other people that we are different in kind.We have our own ways in being a good person in this world, we must understand the way that god give us a reason to live here. I will bring the lessons and teachings our religion has to the future, to teach and share it also to my own family someday.

And so I didn’t much told here my long life story, the important is I learn how to reflect and explain life in my own autobiography. I learn that time goes so fast and I must not miss the opportunity to tell my love ones in life that they all mean to me.It seems that my life in college now is not yet coming to an end, I still have much more to learn and face now.

I know that my teachers can also help me in my problems in class, and also my close friends. I have survived until here not to give up, but to strive much more harder and continue to love my parents, my sister, my girlfriend and those who love me the most. Even though I’m a problem for other people who are they to judge me, I have my own vision and mission in life that I must finish.