Dream Interpretation Essay

‘’I’m in a library; I’m studying and suddenly I have a schedule in front of me; there were a million things I had to do, the list went on forever.

I knew I was being timed and had to accomplish all of them in less than 5h, which was probably impossible. I started running to get everything done as fast as I could, but my feet weighed a thousand pounds, it felt like some unknown force was dragging me into a cage around the corner. I had things to accomplish, and it was stopping me from achieving them.

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I tried grabbing on to the bookshelf, but it was too strong.It dragged inside the cage. I could see a figure now, it looked something like… me? There was no one in the room, so crying out for help wouldn’t do much good. I end up in a dark room there is nothing in it, absolutely nothing, not even walls, the only visible tangible object was a red leather couch. I see the mysterious figure.

It’s me, I’m sure of it. She… or, well..

. ’’other me’’ starts talking. I think she’s telling me about her problems.

But I can’t understand her language. I try and read on it. I still can’t help her, my books aren’t helping.I don’t feel any emotions for her…

even though it’s clearly me. I couldn’t deal with this anymore. I want to run, run away to the only safe non hazardous place I knew; the library. ’’ A dream is anything we can fathom, anything are heart’s desire, anything at all. Digging deeper into dreams can help us understand them, and pick out the important symbols that can embody us, because they often picture are subconscious desires and thoughts.

This is sometimes why dreams can often tell us and reveal interesting thing about ourselves; our personality, are fears, are hopes, anything at all.For instance, I chose a recurring dream, which presents itself every time I am faced with a problem that is out of my reach. Analyzing the dream can reveal three characteristics about me. It shows that I am a busy individual, who thinks with her head instead of blindly coming to conclusions, and has a hard time sympathizing with others. The first thing I was able to recognize about my personality while analyzing the dream is that I am very busy! I might often worry that I’m forgetting something and I do so much that sometimes I do forget things. I just can’t seem to calm down and relax a bit.The dream supports this when I am presented with a gigantic to do list.

Since I don’t know where to start, I begin running around in circles trying to do what I think is supposed to be done as fast as I can all while I being timed. This for me reminds me and most likely represents my daily life and the endless tasks I am expected to tackle while balancing school, balancing work, and extracurricular activities, time for homework, and time for family. I particularly never have time to myself, and I think that represents my day to day life.

Brains over heart, that’s often how I act.I find that the heart in most cases in life is useless, and my brain my biggest asset. I chose education and studying to get good grades, over unreasonable distractions that wouldn’t benefit me, because it will get me farther in life. Even while studying for something, your heart wants to talk to friends, waste time, but the brain keeps you on track. Evidence in my dream is that my first instinct when I was faced with a problem was to grab the bookshelf or a book which in my opinion represents knowledge. I didn’t just cry out for help, I knew that would be useless, and irrational.I tried resolving my problem myself, through books first, instead of blindly raging, and hatching my way out kicking, I made an educated decision.

This is has quite a resemblance with me in reality. If I am faced with a problem, I look at the facts, and see what I can learn about the situation to fix it. I tend to block out my feelings to get things done more efficiently. I think on the logical side out life, because this benefits me most. In the dream I wasn’t able to deal with my ‘’other self’s’’ problems, even if I looked through books.

Although I hate to admit it, this is one of the things that happen to me when I think on the logical side of life too much. No matter how hard I try it’s something I can’t put aside. I have a hard time sympathizing with people, because I see the logic in everything, instead of the emotions put into a certain situation. For example, if someone were to tell me about their problems, I would immediately offer ways of solving it, but what I don’t keep in mind is the other person’s insecurity’s. If something would seem though and undoable, in my head, it’s a quick solve.The truth is that I find that people can’t get over themselves. Like when they refuse to do something for the fear of what other people think about them; I just can’t relate to that.

This characteristic shows in my dream when I grow uncomfortable, and feel bad about not being able to help myself, so I decide to run because I’m scared of what I might find on the other side of repressed emotions. In the end, my dream was bringing out my characteristics in a subtle manner; I’m a busy, busier than I should be, and I think on the logical side of everything, which then leads me to be unable to sympathize with other thing.Now the goal of this essay was to analyze my dream so I could gain a deeper understanding of myself, and as I was writing, this is what I discovered that maybe my dream was indeed telling me something; I start off in a library, which represents my head and the way I think. As I go about my daily routine which is represented by a schedule and the approximate time I have in a day to do stuff which is about five hours. I am pulled away by my deeper self; the emotional heart. I try and resist with books, but I eventually get taken hostage by my other self.I end up in this room where I have to deal with the emotional part of me, and my normal instinct would be to look at the facts and if that doesn’t work than ignore it.

And that’s what I have been doing, I think the dream makes me realize that no matter how much I want to repress things like this, I should still try and face them. The message? I should pay more attention to my emotional side, and start understanding other things in life, that might be as important as knowledge (and maybe if I’m less busy and stressed all the time, I’d probably be able to sleep better. ).