Dreamer – Ozzy Osbournes Essay

Ozzy Osbournes song “Dreamer” is a very powerful song that can be interpreted in many different ways. The words are very meaningful and moving. This is not your typical love song, although nothing Ozzy does is considered ordinary.

The lyrics are about love, but not being in love. It’s about loving each other and loving the earth. People will always be there, they will always be around and we should learn to accept one another.

I think that Ozzy is trying to make people aware of issues that have been going on in this world, and understand how important it is to work together in order to survive and be happy.The term dreamer means to have a series of mental images, ideas, and emotions. In this song Ozzy has dreams about making the world a better place. At one point Ozzy says he is, “Just a dreamer who dreams his life away”.

I think it means that he is realizing what he dreams about will never happen. There is too much hate in this world, it will never go away. So instead Ozzy simply dreams about the perfect world.When he says “Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ, it doesn”t really matter much to me. I don”t think he is being Anti-Religious when he says that.

When it comes to loving each other religion shouldn”t matter, we should all love each other no matter what God we worship, and no matter what religion we are. We all have to live together on this earth right now, and we should make the best of it while we are here. If we don”t help each other out then there is no hope for a better world.

A big part of this song is also about Mother Earth.People do not respect Mother Earth and most of us don”t even notice that we are killing her. We pollute her water’s, and throw trash out onto the streets. We are driving animals to extinction, and not even taking a second to stop and think about what we are doing. This earth is ours to take care of, if we don”t respect it who will? If we don”t take better care of our earth it won”t be a good place to live for the people who come after us. We all want our Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren to have a loving and nurturing place to live.

How can we expect their lives to be any better then ours if we don”t do something to try to make it better for them? They will carry on the traditions and the lifestyles that we teach them. If we are always teaching them hate, and discrimination how can we expect them to love any more then we love today? If we want the world to be better for our family in the future then we have to start acting now. The lyrics to this song are very passionate, and have a deep meaning if you take the time to listen to them.I think Ozzy wanted something good to come from this song, because when he sings it his voice is soft and caring.

Usually Ozzy’s tone is angry and harsh; you wouldn”t believe what he was saying in these lyrics if he sang them with hate. Ozzy changed his style of music in order for us to get the real meaning of his song. Maybe we should all start living out Ozzy’s dream, and start helping to make the world a better place for us and for the people who come after us. It would be a shame to let these lyrics pass us by in vain.