Dreams or Goals Essay

The day you die is the day you stop dreaming a true statement . Imagine your life without dreaming it sure would be insipid , if a person have a dream or a goal he sure will be a better person with much better life.

A person might think that dreaming is not related to death but HE/SHE is totally wrong when a person is said to be a living dead that mean this person have stopped dreaming or does not have goals in his life in this situation I could insure that this person’s life is full of pain and misery.Dreaming inspired many writers to write novels, stories, articles and others these inspirations invented what we call now a days “ literature” . James Thurber wrote “ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty “, This story talks about an ordinary man with a miserable and boring life who had dreams of becoming a better person in his life at the end of the story his dreams or goals made him a better person.Although the years history was formed from the dreams , goals and achievements of the greatest people ever. Thinking about it makes a person realize that the stone age people had dreams , millions of years ago before the discovery of fire people felt cold and had dreams of being warm through the cold winter nights they had this dream until they discovered fire . he most known dictator in the history is “Adolf Hitler” , Adolf Hitler had a dream of making Germany a country for only Germans and to have a large space in Europe.

Although what he wanted was wrong but it was Adolf Hitler goal or dream. A person should have more than one dream or goal and never giving up after failing but HE/SHE should continue and begin another dream until it is accomplished