Driving Age Essay

Many young adults get into car accidents every day; this is why the legal driving age should be raised to 20. It is said that at least 1. 2 million people die every day because of car accidents; a great percentage of that number is from young adults at ages 16-19. When it comes to driving young adults are careless, always distracted and over confident, this causes fatal accidents. In my opinion the legal driving age should be raised to 20, because of reckless driving and the immaturity level in young adults.

Reckless driving is a dangerous form of driving which is often used by young adults on the road. Young drivers are careless and over confident, too many of them are killed in accidents every year. More than 40, 000 people are killed every year in North America due to reckless driving. For instance, careless driving may cost young adults finically. They could get ticket fines, maybe imprisonment and resulting in drivers licensed suspension or revocation.Concluding sentence- So, one of the reasons why the legal driving age should be raised to 20 is because, of reckless driving. A young adult’s maturity level is a very important aspect in driving. Some young adults still don’t follow the main rules of driving.

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They still eat, talk on the phone, and are always distracted when driving. Furthermore, most young drivers are immature when it comes to driving. Young drivers try to impress their friends by doing bad stunts or maneuvers, and causesing damage to others property.Another reason why the legal driving age should be raised to 20 is because of young adult’s immaturity level. In final consideration, the legal driving age should be raised to 20 because, young adult’s drive recklessly, and they are immature. They amount of deaths from car accidents may be reduced if the legal driving age is raised, therefore the rules of driving will not be broken, young teen can have more experience and learning before the age of 20.