Drug to respiratory infection, impaired memory, and

Drug is any substance that, when consumed, causes a physiological change in the body. Drug abuse is an issue that is growing exponentially among the citizens of the USA. Drugs abuse is extremely detrimental to the user and all those who are close to the user. Millions of people use drugs all across the globe, as a matter of fact, USA is the largest drug market in the world. Major cities of USA are in the grasp of drug jeopardy, equally important, college and high school students help sustain this evil. Drug abuse directly impacts an enormous amount of people in the USA. Drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and marijuana play a large role in ruining the life of a user. The US federal government requires the fortification of drug laws in order to preserve the vital well being of its citizens. Drug abuse is a substantial reason behind increasing chronic disorders and harmful diseases among the citizens of USA. Drugs penetrate the human body and colossally harm every single organ. Drug abuse deteriorates the human health, in Substance Use Disorders author explains that: ” Use of drugs can contribute to respiratory infection, impaired memory, and exposure to cancer-causing compounds.” Drug abusers are exposed to life threatening diseases only after usage for a short period of time. As a result, it could cause consequential medical disorders and menacing diseases. Additionally, the drug abuse not only generates new diseases but also it serves as a paramount source of spreading harmful diseases. In most cases, abusers tend to share the same injection for getting the drug into the body. As the following quote indicates: ” ‘ Drug abuse is inextricably linked with the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis c’ Says NIDA director Nora. D Volkow” ( Teens, Drug Abuse, and AIDS : the deadly Connection 1.). The virus transfers essentially through the exchange of blood Singh 2 from one person to another. Drug abuse is inextricably related with HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the pandemic. Injection drug use serves as a predominant source for spreading of HIV/AIDS, and this results in a perpetual change in an individual’s life. Drug abuse contributes as one of the supreme of suicide and death in American youth. Suicide among the teens is one of the problematic and traumatic issues in today’s society, and drug abuse is surely enhancing it. As this quote describes: “The researchers found that marijuana users were 1.9 to 2.5 likely to commit an unplanned suicide attempt than were non-users.” (Steffens).Suicide is the leading cause of death in today’s American society, America cannot bear a load of leading suicide rates along with drug abuse which is encouraging it. Drugs cause major  biological change in the body and brain just in a short amount of time, which leads to depression and suicide- related behaviour. As a matter of fact, the following excerpt proves the relation between drug abuse and suicide: ” In 2014 a 19 year old at university of Wyoming student named Lavy Pongi leapt to his death after consuming a marijuana cookie purchased by a friend.” (Steffens) It is noticeable that suicide has a definite relation to drug abuse. Drug abuse impacts the chemicals in the brain and fortifies the feeling of loneliness and sadness, along with young age and lack of knowledge it often results in suicide. Drug abuse is one of the biggest factor in creating violence and crime in America. The crime rates in America are increasing exponentially, and a large number of these cases involve drug abuse. The drugs trap the human brain and the person itself loses control over body. As the following quote specifies: ” In 1986 a study of crime in Manhattan showed that 78% of men arrested for serious crime were cocaine users.” ( Hoobler 99). Abuse and drug-related crime     Singh 3are two of the most unmanageable social issues in the United States. The link between drugs and crime is comprehensible. The current rise in crime is evidently increasing the number of street robberies, drug offenses and burglary. A countless number of  people even lose their lives to these crimes. Not only the street crime in large cities but also drug abuse encourages and uplifts the    gang violence. Drugs and gangs cooperate with each other, as the drug sales are mostly controlled by illegal groups, so the drugs are a financial source for the gangs. However, there are multiple gangs in each major city and conflict between them over drug sales take place every day. As  Marino Noel explains in Drug Use negatively Impacts Health: “Competition between different traffic groups can generate violence, often including homicide, as the different groups fight to defend or increase their illicit market shares.” Gangs primarily transport and distribute cocaine, crack, marijuana etcetera to their designated customers, but trying increase sales of the cartel, cartel members usually try to induce the other cartel’s customers which often results in homicide and violence. Not only the gang members but also an innumerable amount of common people lose their lives every single day as a result of gang violence. Drug use serves as one of the foremost sources of automobile accidents. Everyday people expire as a consequence of car accidents, many of the accident cases involve the drug abuse. While driving under the influence of drugs a person loses consciousness because of drugs and it may generate more automobile accidents than usual. As the following quote reveals: ” Marijuana use was involved in17 percent of fatal accidents in 2014, up from 8 percent in 2013, the year before recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington.” (Steffens). The correlation between         Singh 4drug abuse and increase in accidents can be seen effortlessly. After legalization of recreational drug use drivers often drive under the influence of substance, and the results and consequences are explicit. The possibility of accident occurrence because of drug abuse while driving is really high, and may even result in death. In conclusion, the US federal government requires the fortification of drug laws in order to preserve the vital well being of its citizens. Drug abuse is detrimental to American society, and America’s future. Drug abuse is a significant reason behind spreading and generating harmful diseases, suicide, uplifting crime and accidents. However, just for the additional taxes and money, the government is jeopardizing the future of America. Fortification of drug laws will not only promote better health and lifestyle but also save numerous lives along with shaping a better future for America. The danger from drug abuse is too large to disregard, the government must act now to secure the future.