Drugs and Society Essay

Drugs play a large role in today’s world. While some people use drugs to help themselves, others make the decision to abuse them. Now days, drugs have been the cause of a corrupt society. Drug abuse and addictions eventually leads to increased crime, negative effects on the younger generation, and health hazards. If not stopped soon enough, it could possibly lead to death. There are many types of drugs that are used daily by various types of people. The most known mistake to be made is to believe that illegal substances are the only existing drugs. Both legal and illegal substances are drugs that many fail to see as hazardous. In fact, legal drugs could be more dangerous than any illegal drug. Two of these drugs include Alcohol and Marijuana. The most common drug used is Alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant drug that weakens activity of the central nervous system and impacts a person’s coordination, reactions, and reasoning ability.

A person who consumes alcohol doesn’t realize how big of a threat it could be. Most people fail to realize that alcohol creates more problems than any other drug because it is accepted and used in our culture daily. It wouldn’t be considered a threat if it was used responsibly. Drinking too much alcohol could cause unconsciousness, confusion and possibly death. Continuing to drink heavily could produce various health problems such as Cirrhosis and a higher rate of cancer as well. Another most commonly used drug is Marijuana. Marijuana is an illegal psychoactive drug used mostly by those between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. The effects include increased hunger, a feeling of anxiety, panic, and relaxation. Although marijuana is considered less dangerous than most other drugs, it has some health hazards. One main health hazard is the risk of cancer from smoke inhalation. Marijuana is also useful treatment in various medical conditions. The role these two drugs play in our society are very severe. They could act as a social conformity, a stress reliever, or maybe even both. Have you ever ridden past a group of teens smoking and asked yourself “why are they doing that?” Or maybe even at a party where you see college students drinking you ask that same question. Every person has their different reason on why they are smoking and drinking. In today’s society, Social Conformity is another form of popularity. A person’s attitude and behavior could change about their opinion on drugs only to be able to fit into a social norm.

People smoke marijuana or drink alcohol just to go along with that environment they’re in. Just as long as they stay in that type of environment, nothing will change for them. Most people who are becoming drug users do so to impress those they call “friends”. Why? Because no one wants to be the only one NOT doing something everyone else is doing. No one wants to be judged because they’re doing not doing something everyone sees as “cool”. By taking drugs, people often consider being a person that others would be comfortable hanging around. Soon enough, they will become that person they are trying to be. They feel obligated to smoke or drink, therefore they push their beliefs aside to adapt to different ones. Stress also plays a huge role into why people do drugs. A person going through a stress phase usually turns to drugs for a sense of relaxation. They see it as a way to keep your mind calm from overthinking. When in feeling of pain, depression, or anxiety, people turn to drugs to ease their suffering. Drugs can easily make a person feel stress free again as they once felt before. The most people you see using drugs because of stress are mainly the poor. Looking into the low-income communities, you see that the highest percentage of drug use is here.

Drugs have more control over a low-income community because people in these areas they don’t have the opportunities that you would see in any other area. They turn to drugs as a way out situations they’re caught in. You’ll see that most people in these communities either getting addicted to drugs or selling them. People in poor communities sell drugs to make fast and easy money that they desperately need. They consider it a lifestyle and adapt to it without even thinking about the consequences that may possibly occur. In the end, this new lifestyle of theirs will then result in them getting put into jail and having to pay a lot of money back. This is one reason why they continue to stay into these types of low income environments. No employer wants any former criminal working with them, so it’s hard for these people to find jobs. They’re also having money problems, and have nothing to turn to for help. This causes stress which makes them want to turn to drugs (yet again) for some type of relief. That relief then results into temptation to go back to what you were doing before which is selling drugs again. That then creates a constant cycle that would never end.