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During high school I experiencedprogramming using C ++ language and developing videogames with Unity 3D.Hence my interest inprogramming was born. We always use computers, mobile phones and apps but we donot know how they really works.

Knowing how to write lines of code, developsinterdisciplinary skills useful in all the computer science fields and nowadays,in everything that surrounds us (internet of things). When programming youenter in a linear and logic view: to make things work all you need is rigor andorder. Each action follows another and everything must be correct. Even asingle mistake is enough to compromise the correct functioning of the programand then everything written after that will result wrong. At the university I startedhigh level programming and my first year will be divided into Programming 1 andProgramming 2.During the first partof Semester one, I learned the basics of object-oriented programming in Java. Istarted by creating the simple “Hello World” program then to be ableto create a more complex software to keep a track of Stage 1 student marks, theProject One. While attending lectures, I could do the exercises duringpractical sessions.

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At the end of the module I did an assessment test on what Ilearned during the first period. I got a great mark, so my motivationincreased. Then I did my first project and it was very satisfying because the gradeI achieved was the result of all the attempts I made to write the program. Inthe second half of the first semester we reviewed what already learnt and thenstarted more complex topics. Programming is noteasy because sometimes it happens that you need to edit or rewrite all the softwarebecause of bugs or mistakes.

It often happens that the program does not work asit should or if you are stuck and you don’t know how to get rid of errors.There is no better way to put problem solving into practice because by writingcode lines you always have new issues and you must think about how find newmore efficient coding methods, changing point of view, reflecting on mistakes.In fact, I always draw a sketch of the program by drawing diagrams and writingideas and then I start writing code. The programming language is the union oflogical, mathematical language and English for this, anywhere in the world aprogram written in Java will be readable. Programming languages ??require a lotof precision, every mistake could compromise the operation of the whole programand this helps to develop a more pragmatic way of thinking.