During There were about 59 deaths and

the course of the semester we have discussed many things and this is one of the
most interesting times for the united states and the rest of the world. It is
very interesting how our 45th president has handled some of the things that
have occurred and that have yet to occur during his presidency, that is if he
does successfully complete his presidency. Although there are many different
social issues to list and talk about, I would like to focus on mass shootings
and its effect on enforcing gun control laws and citizens across the nation.

Despite all the negative things our county has to offer, I believe that
compared to some of the countries in the world the us may seem like the greatest
country in the world. One of the largest mass shootings of the nation happened
this year in Las Vegas NV during a country music festival.

were about 59 deaths and nearly 600 wounded. 
It was a very devastating time. This mass shooting among many other
shootings that have occurred have made people wonder how our nations gun
control laws take effect. We live in a country that provides its citizens
plenty of freedom and I believe that one of the biggest freedoms is stated
under amendment number 2 which grants all citizens the right to bear arms.

Ratified in 1792 the second amendment states: A well-regulated Militia, being
necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and
bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

 It was originally proposed by James Madison
after the constitution was officially ratified as a way to provide power to
militias, which is considered today as the National Guard. The second amendment
was a deemed compromise between federalists who supported the constitution as
it was ratified and the anti-federalists who supported stares having more
power. Having used guns and other arms to ward off the English, the second
amendment was originally created to give US citizens an opportunity to fight
back against a tyrannical government. Since the ratification Americans have
been arguing about the amendment’s meaning and interpretation. One side
interprets the amendment to mean it provides collective rights while the
opposing side is that it provides individual rights.

who take the collective side think that the amendment gives all states the
right to train formal militia units so that can provide protection against the
federal government. They argue that a well-regulated militia means the right to
bear arms only should be given to a certain group of people and not all. While
the opposite view of the amendment is that every citizen should have the right
to own a fire arm free of regulations and to use it for self-protection.

views and interpretations have led to shaping the current gun control laws,
however I believe that our nation is lacking when it comes to gun control laws.

For example, it is a too easy to obtain a firearm. The current process
purchasing a fire arm is The process is a few simple tasks.

must be 21 or older to purchase a hand gun but 18 or older to purchase a riffle
or shotgun. You must obtain an FSC (Fire Arm Safety Certificate) if you don’t already
have one which is obtained by taking a very simple common-sense test. Then you
must go through a background check which takes up to 10 days. Then once you are
cleared you receive your fire arm which the serial number is registered under
your name. For all we know some corrupt individual with any motive can walk
into a gun show and walk out with a fire arm with ease.

think that our current president with the help of congress should step in and
do something about this situation and if our government can be successful at
creating real working gun control laws I believe that mass shootings will go
down if not complete vanish. I believe that if it’s harder to obtain a firearm
or completely ban certain fire arms then mass shootings will be no more. According
to the Atlantic both the republican and democratic party have found a gun
control legislation that they both agree on. After all of the mass shootings in
Nevada, Texas, and California, democratic senator Chris Murphy who is also an
advocate of gun control introduced a bill to strengthen the federal background
check because as I mentioned earlier almost anyone can purchase a gun at gun

new bill is not only backed by other democratic senators but is also backed by Republican
Senators John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, Tim Scott, and Dean Heller. The bill doesn’t
add any restrictions on fire arm purchases but its job is to stop certain individuals
to buy fire arms since the beginning.The National Instant Criminal Background
Check System or NICS for short relies on state and federal officials to report
mental and criminal records that legally don’t allow certain individuals to purchase
a fire arm, however there are often times where those records don’t make the
system. Soon after another tragic and disturbing shooting that took place in
Sutherland Springs, Texas, early November that killed nearly 30 people, the
united states air force released that they failed to report the shooters’ prior
domestic violence conviction. If then air force hadn’t made this mistake then
that individual would not have been allowed to purchase a fire arm. This new
bill will make sure that nothing of that nature happens again ever.

Cox of the NRA said in a statement, “We applaud Senator John Cornyn’s efforts
to ensure that the records of prohibited individuals are entered into NICS”. Many
other gun control advocates support the bill too, they say its evidence that there’s
common ground between the Democrats and Republicans. “This is both parties
affirming that there are people that we believe should not have access to guns,
and we want to make sure that the system is set up in such a way that we
prevent access to guns for those people,” Christian Heyne, the legislative director
of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which supports the legislation, said in
an interview.

is a real, genuine effort from people who couldn’t be further from each other
on the other side of the aisle.” In addition to Senators Murphy, Cornyn, Hatch,
Scott, and Heller, Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal, Dianne Feinstein,
and Jeanne Shaheen are also co-sponsors. However bi partisan support is no
guarantee the bill will move forward to congress. The bill needs the support of
the republican congressional leadership. There are many examples of debate of
gun control they comes up in congress in response to a mass shooting. Republicans
in congress expressed a consideration on banning bump stocks, a bump stock is a
device that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire at a faster pace.

the Vegas shooting occurred Republican representative Carlos Curbelo and Democratic
representative Seth Moulton introduced a bill to ban the use of bump stocks. After
Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, Republicans and Democrats came together to pass
a bill to improve the federal background check system After they found that the
shooter had history of mental health problems which would have not allowed him
to purchase a fire arm. A group was formed by Po Murray after the Sandy Hook
Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, she agreed that the
NICS needs to be fixed but she also wanted congress to pass other laws to
reduce mass shootings. The recent shootings in Las Vegas and Texas are being
counted as 2 or the 5 deadliest mass shootings to ever take place in the united
states of America. This may increase pressure on Congress to do something about
the current gun control laws and to come up with a solution that will benefit
all of the nation sooner. I think that this topic is very important and it’s a very
big social issue in our country. We need to do something to put an end to these
mass shootings. The world will become a much better place the sooner congress
can work on passing the legislation the better.

there should also be some sort of universal punishment for a mass shooting. It
seems that people of color who commit a mass shooting have a higher sentence
then a white individual. White privilege is a very powerful thing in our
country and many individuals have benefited from it by having a shorter sentence
or being labeled as mentally ill. That being said I would like to thank you for
the privilege and honor of being in your class. I’m going to be quite honest I
entered this class with a fixed mindset thinking that I would only doing the
work, pass the class, and get on with life but I do want to say that it was
quite an interesting class and I did learn many new things.