During field vs. distance graph was produced

During thislab experiment, we used four different electrical components to determine theelectrical field. We used a power supply, a Vernier magnetic field sensor,magnetic field coils and the logger pro software to help us record and graphall our results. We began the experiment by ensuring that all components suchas the electrical cables were properly connected in the desired configuration. Thefirst part of the experiment was done by the TA as a demonstration of how to use the equipmentincluding using certain features of the LoggerPro software. First, the longstraight conductor was connected to the power supply.

The power supple was setto a current of 7A and the sensor to a 0.3mT range and in the bent position.Starting from 2cm away from the conductor, the sensor was moved in incrementsof 1cm for a total of 5 trials. Each trial was recorded on LoggerPro byclicking the ‘collect’ button to determine the relationship between the magnetic fieldof a straight conductor. A field vs. distance graph was produced to furtherhelp visually represent the relationship.

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Forthe second part of the experiment, we found the magnetic field at the centre ofa single coil. We began by setting the single coil current on the LoggerProinterface. As a safety precaution, we turned the power supply off to connect asingle coil with the proper electric cable.

We then set the sensor to the 6.4mTrange and in the unbent configuration while also positioning the ruler andretort stand such that it passes through the single coil just below the centreaxis. With steady hand, we help the probe sensor on top of the ruler so that itis positioned properly at the centre of the coil. Using LoggerPro, we collectedthe magnetic field values for the electric current in decreasing increments of0.4A starting from 2A. The results were recorded to the table left of LoggerProwhich then produced a graph. Finally, we determined the relationship betweenthe magnetic field of a single coil and the electric current by obtaining alinear fit for the graph.Forthe third part of the experiment, we found the magnetic field along the centralaxis of a single coil.

With the single coil still connected, we set the powersupple back to 2A. We took measurements of the magnetic field along the centralaxis in decreasing increments of 3cm starting at 24cm. Similar to part two, allresults were recorded on the table on LoggerPro to produce a graph and curvefit.Forthe final part of the experiment, we found the magnetic field of two coils. Wepositioned two coils so that they are parallel with one another and within therectangular outlines of the base. The two coils were then connected properlyusing the appropriate electric cables and ensured that the coils are correctlyconfigured using the right-hand rule.

The power supply was set to an output of1A current. We took measurements of the magnetic fields across both coils inincrements of 5cm starting from 15cm. Similar to part three, we recorded allresults to LoggerPro to produce a curve fit.