During started putting extra hours to work.

During my internship at ‘Spun Micro Processing Pvt. Ltd.’, I
faced a lot of challenges. My topic for the four months term was ‘Statistical
Process Control. In simple words, this means to control a process capability by
statistical methods. I had to collect data in sets of 5-10 samples. Around 5-10
such sets had to be taken into account. There were certain guidelines for the
collection of data such as the readings had to be taken one after another
without any change in tools, measuring device, machine or manpower to maintain
unity in the process. After the collection of data points, I had to reach an
ultimate solution with the use of statistical models. My goal was to use
‘Statistical Process Control’ to verify that the processes running in
production were in their limit or not.

After a month of theoretical study of the topic, I was given
my first set of assignments. I completed three assignments without any failure
because they were comparatively smaller and could be finished in one shift
separately. The next assignment needed someone to collect data for 10 hours
continuously. This was the biggest failure in my professional history. When my
shift was getting over, I handed over the task of collecting data from the
machine to an intern of the next shift thinking it won’t be that big a deal if
he drops the ball. To my dismay, I got notified by my supervisor that the other
intern didn’t complete the task and that the company suffered a loss because
that process was not running in its tolerance. The problem occurred because the
other intern didn’t know the importance of that step. Data collection was
supposed to be done by one person only. As I was appointed as the personnel to
do that job, I took all the blame and got reprimanded by my supervisor. I took
the criticism positively and learned from my mistakes. I took more initiative
and started putting extra hours to work. I can say that it was a turning point
in my professional life which molded me into a way more focused individual.

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