Dyson Essay

Speaking about the cultural challenges facing Dyson, it can be seen in two forms. 1. Internal and 2. External Internal Challenges are those which are internal to the organization and as you see there, those are the main ones. 1. Language/Communication Communication invloves language, facial expressions, tone of voice, body language taking into conisderation what is culturally acceptable according to concept of face, name, and cultural dimenesions frame work proposed by Hofstede.

Though Dyson stresses the English is spoken widely, it is not really the case as competent and semi-skilled workers are accustomed to official language and thus will find it difficult to take orders from English profient UK heads. 2. Values It requires huge investment of time, money and support from local support to get training and understanding of values. Unlike to a person living a culture, for an outsider, the understanding part becomes a daunting task.

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If Dyson fails to appreciate cultural values due to lack of cross-cultural competence, it might risk business when dealing with suppliers, business partners and even employee turnover increases. 3. Intercultural Dimensions According to Prof Hofstede, business values depend a lot on intercultural dimensions like Power distance, Individualism, Masculinity and uncertainity avoidance. UK has a very low power distance value and high Individualism and Masculinity, while Malaysia and UK stand almost similar in uncertainity voidance. 4. Ethnocentrism Adopting an ethnocentric approach by UK managers as opposed to the Malay culture will create resistance and failure and even absenteeism among the work force. 5. Discriminatory behaviour Biased on generalization and stereotyping, assumptions will be made by managers on observable and un-observable traits of Malay workforce. This might result in major employee problems which with word of mouth can cause adverse effects. 6.

Differential Advantage Turning cultural diversity into a competitive advantage in terms of ideas, innovations, perspectives and experiences. ie to develop a cultural harmony at work place thus to attain the common objectives of Dyson. Now, we have the External Challenges that are external to the organization. Culture influences customer buying. As for the three phases of CRM, the methods of customer attraction by ads has to obey the cultural privacies.

In the retention phase, if a product goes faulty, then word of mouth publicity causes bad effects. the extension phase does not apply at Dyson due to their extended life period of products. Similarly, SCM which involves discussions with suppliers who are closer to Malaysia and following cultures much different from that followed by UK managers, getting the best deal etc, has to abide to their cultures and values. CRM is about meeting the needs, demands of customers and SCM supports it by etting the right raw materials for products from the suppliers. SOLUTIONS 1. Recruiting people who have past experience working in culturally diverse workplaces. 2. Cross Cultural, Cultural competency and Diversity training 3. Socialization by including sports day, celebrating festivals and even out-door trips for employees and families 4. Assigning employees to work in different teams 5. Rewards for well collaborative teams involving different ethinicities. 6. Business Etiquette Training