In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Richard Connell creates the character of Sanger Rainsford to show that if people want to survive, they have to adapt to change. Change is not an easy thing to do, as Rainsford found out.

Rainsford changed from being a hunter, to being hunted, and finally to be the killer. Rainsford is a notably compelling and unflinching character for many reasons. One of them is the fact that he never gives up, even when times get undoubtedly tough.

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When situations were godawful, Rainsford never backed down, instead he kept on fighting. He has many motivations throughout the story. One is to stay alive and not get murdered by General Zaroff. He wants to make sure that he does not become one of Zaroff’s next horrendous victims.

He uses two very consequential skills: his ability to keep calm under pressure and the use of his instinct. These skills help him to stay alive on the island. When he says, ‘“I must keep my nerve. I must keep my nerve”’ (Connell 30) he is staying calm under pressure. He was going through the brush trying to gain some distance on Zaroff, because he was being hunted. It shows he is incredibly wise and understands he has to help himself survive on the island. When Rainsford was hiding in the tree, he showed once again just how calm and collected he can be.

He stayed still and did not make a sound, which displays just how clever he is. He proves again one of the endless reasons why he is a transcendent hunter. Rainsford used another one of his prodigious talents, his instinct, to comprehend that the only way he was going to survive on the island, was to adapt. Even if this meant he was going to have to hunt and kill humans, “He remains a “beast at bay” until the almost unfathomable occurs; the prey kills the predator” (Korb 163). The quote shows the unthinkable has happened, Rainsford has become the ruthless killer. In conclusion, Rainsford is a very compelling and unflinching character.

Rainsford realizes that in order to stay alive on the island, he needs to change. He has many implausible talents that also contributed to him staying alive. His ability to stay cool under pressure was one of his most important skills. He used it multiple times throughout the story to stay alive and not panic. Rainsford shows us that if we want to survive, we have to adapt to change. He teaches us that it might not be easy, but it is very important to change.