E-commerce is generally known as Electronic marketing. E-commerce

E-commerce is generally known as
Electronic marketing. E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used
business example. It is a process
of buying or selling products online. E-commerce draws on automation technologies
as mobile, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet
marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI),
inventory management systems and automated data collection systems.


Online shopping is the technique
by which customers directly purchase goods or services from seller in actual-time,
without an intermediary service, over the internet. It is a form of e-commerce.
This project is an attempt to provide the advantages of online shopping to
customers of a real shop. E-commerce helps buying the products in the shop
anywhere through internet by using an android device. Thus the customer will
get the products of online shopping and home delivery from his favorite shop.  

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Modern e-commerce normally uses website
for at least one part of the transaction’s life cycle although it may also use
other technologies such as e-mail. Typical e-commerce transactions include the
purchase online products (Amazon) and music purchases (iTune Store), and to a
less extent, customized/personalized online stock store inventory services.
There are three types of e-commerce: online retail, electric markets, and
online auctions. E-commerce is supported by electronic business.


The objective of this project is to
develop a general view of e-commerce store where all frozen food of all brands
are available. Customer can be buy from the comfort of home through the


An online store is a virtual store on
the Internet where customers can browse the catalog and select products of interest.
If the item is in stock the selected items are placed in a shopping cart. At
checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At
that time, bill-to and ship-to address will be needed to complete the
transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill in or select a billing
address, a shipping address, a shipping time, and payment method and payment
information such as credit card number. An e-mail notification is sent to the
customer as soon as the order is placed.