Eagerness, passion and dedication to the field

Eagerness, excitement and awe. These were all emotions I felt my first day working as a pharmacy technician. My passion and dedication to the field of pharmacy has always been deep rooted. As a high school student I would thoroughly enjoy taking part in science class activities especially when it came to understanding chemistry and the reactions involved. As high school graduation steadily approached I spoke with my advisor who recommended that I look into pharmacy as a career. I took the initiative to speak with a family friend who had recently graduated from pharmacy school, her recommendation to work as a pharmacy technician was what changed my life.

Having the opportunity to work as a pharmacy technician allowed me to understand that retail pharmacy is done with communication and consistent teamwork. By pursuing a degree in community health I was able to connect both fields. My major focused often times on rural areas and prevention through health literacy which gave me the communication skills and knowledge to understand patients alongside the pharmacist. Being able to work with others in a pharmacy has contributed to my passion towards pursuing the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree will allow me to help others by sharing the knowledge attained and grant the opportunity to expand on it with fellow students. Over time I have realized the mark of an excellent pharmacist is empathy and communication. It is due to these qualities and their direct impact on ones’ work that I found other various health professions to not be of interest. Having the ability to exhibit empathy and channel it to communicate honestly with patients is impactful for both the pharmacist and patient. As a result, after completing pharmacy school my immediate goal is to work for a non-profit health organization as I believe I will be able to make the most impact on those who have had little direct healthcare exposure or learning experiences, correspondingly my long-term goal is to open an independent pharmacy. My effort to educate patients on prevention and being able to communicate feelings about their medication will always be important. It is through dedication and hard work that I aspire to become a pharmacist who is empathetic, responsible and an effective communicator.