Early Pregnancy Essay

Research Title: Researchers: Type of Document: School: Address: Degree: Number of pages: School Year: Statement of the Problem The thesis intends to study the cases of early motherhood in the University of Batangas and to find out what best strategy the guidance office can use for enhancing the counseling program for young mothers. Specifically, this thesis seeks to answer for the following questions: 1) 1. 1 1. 2 1.

3 1. 4 1. 5 2) What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the following variables?Age; Course; Year Level Civil Status and Academic Performance What are the possible causes of early motherhood? Cases of Early Pregnancy in University of Batangas: Basis for the Enhancement of Counseling Program Gladiola A. Eje Solomon M. Javier Undergraduate Thesis University of Batangas Hilltop, Batangas City Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 47+ 2005-2006 3) What are the perceptions of the respondents about the common effects of early motherhood in their lives? ) What are the effects of early pregnancy to their academic performances? 5)Is there any significant relationship between the respondents profile and their being a young mother? 6) What activity the guidance office can implement to assist the counseling program for young mothers of University of Batangas? In order to give answers to the mentioned problems, the respondents were asked to answer a self-made questionnaire checklist composed of two parts (the profile and the causes and effects in live and academic performances).

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The data were analyzed using percentage, weighted mean and correlation coefficient Pearson. Findings The following serve as essential yields of the study: Profile of the Respondents 1. Majority of the respondents are 20 years old and above. This age bracket comprises 64. 29% of the total respondents. 2. Majority of the respondents are in line in the Business, marketing, accountancy and management courses that constitutes 50% of the whole respondents. 3.

There are 42. 86% constitutes those in the fourth year level. . Fifty percent of the respondents are single mothers.5. Most of the respondents are in the average age bracket of 2. 50 – 2.

75, they are 42. 86%. 2. Possible Cause of early pregnancy It was obtained in the study that most of the respondents choose curiosity as the cause of early pregnancy, having a weighted mean of 2.

64. 3. Effects of Early Pregnancy Majority of the respondents are positive that they becoming stronger, physically and emotionally. This constitutes a weighted mean of 4.

14. 4. Effects of Early Pregnancy on Academic Performances Most respondents consider that they find difficulties in studying their lessons since they have a child to attend to as effect to their academic performances.

This is observed in a weighted mean of 3. 00. 1.

Conclusions Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions are made: 1. The respondents’ age range from 20 years and above, they are taking up course related in Business Management, Marketing and Accountancy; fourth year at the time the study was conducted, single mothers and having an average grade of 2. – 2. 75 during the previous semester. 2. The perception of early mothers on possible causes of early pregnancy seems to have low impact.

It is only observed to some extent. 3. The respondents’ perception on effects of early pregnancy in their lives is observed to the average extent. 4.

The effects of early pregnancy on academic performances as perceived by the young mothers are observable to some extent. 5. There is no significant relationship between the possible causes of early pregnancy and academic performances. Thus, the null hypothesis is accepted.Recommendations The following recommendations are forwarded bases on the conclusions above: 1. The Guidance Office may use the suggested course of action to help student – mothers of the University.

2. Counselors may continually update their skills and knowledge especially in this area to assists other students having the same expense or problem. 3. The Guidance Office would recognize the implementation of the program suggested by researchers.

4. A similar study will be conducted after several years, including single fathers as well.