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Willy Russell is the playwright who wrote “Blood Brothers”. He was born and grew up in Liverpool. He left school with me one O level in English language and moved from one boring job to another boring job. He went to evening classes in order to study and improve his life chances. Willy Russell came from a working class background and is interested in how class can affect people’s lives. He is also interested in how a person’s background and upbringing can affect their whole future.

In Blood Brothers, Mickey and Eddie are born into the same working class situation, but as they become separated by upbringing and background, Willy Russell shows that they have contrasting life chances. The tragedy happens because being in totally different classes prevents a proper understanding of each other for Eddie and Mickey. In Blood Brothers Mrs. Johnston is the mother of 9 children of whom the 2 youngest were twins who got separated at birth because a working class single mother could not provide for so many children.

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Mrs.Johnston gets married to a man she meets at a dance. They have a small marriage ceremony at a registry and later have a do. At the age of twenty-five she has seven children and she looks like as if she is 45, her husband walks out on her left to cope on her own. Mrs. Johnston is having a lot of problems due to the lack of money, as she says to the milkman in act 1, scene 2: “Look, honest, I will pay you next week. I Know I’ve said … ” “But next week never comes as far as you’re concerned, love. With you it’s always next week. ” Mrs. Johnston gets a job as a maid for Mrs.

Lyons who is a middle class person with a big mansion for a house, however there is only two people living in it. We can tell that Mrs. Lyons owns a big house in act 1 scene 3 “Hello, Mrs. Johnston. How are you? How are you enjoying the job? ” “Oh it’s, it’s smashing thank you, Mrs. Lyons. It’s such a lovely house it’s a pleasure to clean it” “Yes, it’s a pretty house isn’t it? It’s a pity it’s so big. I’m finding it rather large at present” When Mrs. Johnston confides in her employer of her problem after she finds out she is going to have twins Mrs. Lyons uses the situation to her advantage and persuades Mrs.

Johnston to give her one of the twins at birth and makes her take an oath on the bible that she will never tell anyone of the adoption as Mr. Lyons is against it. She tells Mrs. Johnston that when twins fid out that they’re brothers that die. When the twins are born Mrs. Lyons comes to claim her child and Mrs. Johnston is forced to give one of her children away on the condition that she will be able to keep her job and see her son everyday. We see from here how social class causes Mrs. Johnston to take such drastic actions but when she goes to work Mrs.

Lyons thinks she is going to break her promise and take her child back and becomes overprotective therefore she sacks Mrs. Johnstone when she goes to protest Mrs. Lyons gives her a lot of money and accuses her of selling her baby which is why Mrs. Johnston refuses to take the money. She doesn’t want the blame for selling her baby. Mickey uses slang and a lot of swear words because the environment he lives in does not allow him to learn formal speech. He is deprived from the right to get an education because his mother cannot afford him going to a school “Fantastic.

When I get home I shall look it up in the dictionary. ” “In the what? ” “In the dictionary. Don’t you know what a dictionary is? ” “‘Course I do. It’s a thingy isn’t it. ” He also has to share his toys with all his brothers and sisters. “Mam our Sammy’s robbed me other gun and that was me best one. Why does he rob all me things off me? ” The police woman talks to Mickey as though he is a criminal and treats Eddie like as if he is innocent, even though Eddie is the one who gives her cheek. (police woman to Mrs. Johnston) “and he was about to commit a serious crime, love, a serious crime.