Education its literacy rate andquality of education

Education plays a vital role for the progress and development of any country. Progress of any state depends upon its literacy rate andquality of education in that country. So education is the first priority for the development of any country. But in our country Pakistan education system is very poor. Even many other poor countries have higher literacy rates as compared to our country.So to improve that system it is our responsbility.At the time of independence 85% of the population in pakistan was illiterate and in the provinces like Balochistan or Sarhad the literacy ratewas even lower.The problem we had at the time of independence Pakistan had only one university, The university of Punjab.Still our education system is not satisfactory. Pakistan has six main education levels:1- Pre-primary education (preparatory classes).2- Primary education (first standard to fifth standard).3- Middle schooling (sixth standard to eight standard).4- Secondary school (for grade nine and ten).5- Higher secondary school (for grade eleven and twelve).6- University education (Higher study and graduation).Education policies are very good but there are many problems in this system and its implementations.First according to our suituation more attention should be paid to the primary education instead of higher education. In villages primary schools are not progressing at all. These are small buildings schools having little facilities. Primary education is the main step of higher education. In every field of life primary education is the most important. Like when child is born he pick up the things from his parents how they act, how they talk, how they live. primary standard teaches a students basic needs of any person.Second higher education system in Pakistan, there are hundreds of private and government universites and colleges. Their categories are different like university of management and technology,medical science,buisness,information technology IT,agriculture and many other fields of life. Private universites and colleges are very expensive. Even midde class families cannot afford it. Their fee usually starts from 60000 rupees per semester. In government universites there are thousands of applicants come for entry test but only few hundreds of them to get a chance to avail that seat.Their merit touches the sky every year.Third there are four catorgories of education at root level in Pakistan. First category is Cambridge school system where foreign syllabus is taught but these schools are so expensive the middle class families cant even afford it. These schools are actually specialized for high standard and elite class. Cambridge schools are creating difference between middle class people and elite class people. Second category of education is English medium. These schools are private schools. In these schools pakistan courses is taught in english. They are also and expensive but most most of the middle class families can afford them. Third category is Madrassa school system where Quran and religious books are taught. Madrassas are actually free of cost. But to understand the knowledge of Quran and education we need to basic education which is not being provided there. The fourth category is governemnt school system where Pakistani syllabus is taught in Urdu language. This is our grass root education system. Forth there are many factors affecting the education system in pakistan like lack of quality education, corruption , target killing , poverty , lack of interest for education and many more. Well literary rate of our country are way lower then Nepal, Sri lanka and Bangladesh who are also poor and third world countries and develeping countries. The Literacy rate of the population above ten years is 58.5%. Female literacy rate is 46.3% and male literacy rate is 70.2%. To increase literacy rate a country needs strong education policies and implementations to make their citizen to be able to read and write. In Pakistan our leaders in past tried hard to increase literacy rate but could not succeed.Moving forward, In Pakistan there is four provinces and each province has its own education system and syllabus. Punjab has different course, Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan have their own courses. Their books are different to each other. Their teaching method is different. Some use their mother tong in syllabus. How is it possible for KPK student to learn and understand biology, physics and chemistry of Baluchistan?There are some problems with our education system. We have few resources to maintain a good structure of our system but the good thing is our government is committed to take some good steps for betterment of education. Our system must provide quality education to youth and childrens to enable them to realize their individual potential and contribute to development of society and nation, creating a sense of pakistani nationhood, the concept of tolerance, social justice and many more. Our government has not enough budgets for education as we are facing some problems in our financial condition. Government cant create new schools, colleges and universities so there are a few number of government institute in our country so people have to concern with the private institute to keep their education going where they have to face heavy expenditure of education. We cant blame any government for this flaw because as a state we are facing some serious problems regarding our economy we dont have enough assests and in addition to this terrorism is also damaging the economy. But the good thing here is our government is trying to increase its education budget to fulfill the education expenditure of the country for the betterment of all. It will take some time to improve number of resources. We need respronsible and educated teachers, because teacher is the one who builds the whole society. So he must be well aware of his responsbilities so that he can cultivate civilized and educated citizensBy organizing a community which teaches the teachers that how to behave and teach and also what to teach, this problem can be resolved. Outdated course is also one the major problem. Our educational experts must be well aware of what is happening in the world regarding to every field so that they can update curricula according to the need of time. Examination system is also facing some problems; in our system, class teacher is all and all as for as examinations are concerned. Papers are completely from the syllabus which teacher has discussed in the class but after middle, papers are made by the different educational boards regardless of what is being taught in different institutes and the communication gap between teachers, students and the respective board causes doubt in student’s mind. By compressing the communication gap, this flaw can be root caused.Government is working on different policies to get rid of educational problems. Government is trying to provide education free for all. Free books, uniform and transport are being provided to the students free of cost. ALLAMA IQBAAL OPEN UNIVERSITY is a good step to make education reachable to everyone There are many illiterate people belonging to working community. AIOU is actually distant learning program. University has usually few classes in a week or month in the form of workshops or no classes. University sends the books and roll number slips to registered students. University gives assignments, course works and exercises to the students which could be returned by post offices, and take examinations in their nearby schools, colleges or universities according to their selected examination centres and schedules.In Punjab Shahbaz Sharif introduced new school system named as DANISH PUBLIC SCHOOLS. In these schools highly qualified teachers are appointed. There is a proper check and balance system. Punjab government is spreading these schools to the different areas of Punjab. In these schools books, uniform and classes are free of cost. Very needy and helpless people can get admission free of cost. These are English medium schools. Hostel facilities are also available. Its criteria of admission are just poverty and merit. This is a positive step from Punjab government for improvement of education system in Pakistan. Other provinces are also trying to make schools such like Danish public schools. NGOs are providing funds to the needy students and private schools. Colleges and universities are giving scholarships to their needy students. There are also merit scholarships available for the talented students. For example, there is NAMAL College in MIANWALI which is associated with the University of BRADFORD. NAMAL college provides scholarship to the talented and needy students. There are some students paying full fee, other are getting full or partial scholarship.Government should take some steps to improve the educational system of our country. For example they can start with the increase in the educational budget so they can attract good teachers and can build more schools, colleges and universities. It is very important to make more universities cause there is a lot of students who cannot afford private institutes for their further studies and need government universities to study further but due to small number of government universities some students are forced to leave there studies and they get a job to support their families. The government really needs to update their course and syllabus because it is now out dated and there are a lot of mistakes in books. One of the most annoying thing that they should improve or correct is examination system because exams taken by the government is not really meant to test the grip or concepts of the student it is rather based on the fact that how well the student memorize each and every word that is written in the book. The checking system is also not good as they do not give marks properly as there are so many complaints every year. The teaching style of the teachers is also not so much good as the teaching style of the teacher should be such that it brings out the true talent of the child but here teachers only read the text written in the books not explaining it properly not having different exercises with it which is not good enough.Apart from flaws there are some very good aspects of our educational system too. The most clear thing is that in spite of lack in resources and new technology, our system is not only working but one can assure that it is progressing and getting successful to educate the people of Pakistan. Which is clear by the figures “During 2005-06, literacy rate for all adults of 15 years and above rose to 51.7% & 53.5% during 2007-08 and for young adults (aged 15-24 years) to 67% in 2005-06 & 68% in 2007-08. Both these rates show improvements from their 2001-02 levels, of 43% and 62% respectively.In first few paragraphs I pointed out some problems which are making hurdles in the way of progress or education. All of us know that every problem has solution, what we need is to find it. There are some important points which should be followed by government and responsible leaders to get rid of hurdles.There should be same syllabus for all Pakistanis.Syllabus should be compatible with international university or college syllabus.Government should appoint highly expert and experienced people in education staff as teachersTeachers should be paid highly.Government must not appoint retired army officer or a politician as minister of education. A well-qualified and expert personality should occupy this seat.Government must increase funds and budgets for education.More attention must be paid to the under developing areas of Pakistan.There should be more vacancies for the students in institutions.There must be availability of proper jobs after getting educational degrees.There must be the Public private partnership.There must be a check and balance system.There must be strong rules to avoid corruption in education.Pakistan is a third world under developed country and making progress by leaps and bounds. In education system we need strong determination, love and sincerity with our new generation. We should make our grass root level strong. It is Government responsibility to solve administrative and management problems of Pakistan Education system.