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education. It’s more of a joke at the name of school. Which make these kids get involved into very hazardous conditions and do very dangerous jobs for very little money. A lot of kids work in such conditions as working in mines and chemical compounds could put their lives at risk. These works that a normal person like us would never let our child do it but they have to it. These kids can’t value their lives because they are born poor. Even though child labor is banned in Indian now but this has very less effect on child labor. It has definitelydecreased but still exists.Child labor is a curse for not only the younger children but also for the entire country. The dis advantage and side effect of thistypes of work are shocking. They go through problems such as premature ageing, malnutrition, depression, drug addictions. Which is effecting the entire country. They families have no control over their kids and this is the reason why get into the thetrap of this because they have no protection and house or care. These give employers rights to do whatever necessary to make them completely dependent on them and therefore are able to exercise an absolute control over them. These children work in life threatening conditions. They are not even aware of the human rights which they should get. Talking about health care these kids Don’t get have proper health care or nutrition and are exposed to malnutrition. Its been seen that these kids are often victims of physical, mental, and sexual violence which kills a child’s dignity and moral especially if a child get sexually exploited or forced into a prostitution or child pornography. Even the society and people don’t accept these kids back into the society which is really shocking to see especially because most of them are educated and belongs to a well to do family. Some part of India girls are sold to supply prostitution networks or to work as domestic workers. Many children are also sold to work in factories in order to cover family loans. Some parents sell their children often because they weren’t able to pay the loan back. These children are exploited for prostitution or become domestic helper. Education plays a very important part of child’s development. Children who are forced to child labor are mostly forced because of economic condition. lack of education and dependency of family for daily needs. Education plays the major role against child labor. since it can restrict their participation in these kind of jobs. Without changing the economic its going to be hard forthe children to be able to attend the school. It can be controlled by increasing the awareness and making education affordable. So that anyone can afford to send their kids to the school.Enforcement of anti –child labor can make a big impact. Indian government has taken certain initiatives to control child labor. They National Child Labor Project (NCLP) Scheme which was launched in nine districts which is most affected by child labor in the country. In this scheme funds are given to the District Collectors for running special schools for child labor and they are provided with food and transportation so everyone can come and take advantage of it. These schools also are run by the NGOs in the district. Under the scheme these children are given a formal/informal education along with vocational training. And a stipend of around two dollars per month. Health check-up is also done for them.Poverty is one of the important factors for child labor problem. Therefore enforcement alone cannot help solve the problem. The Government has been also doing rehabilitation of these children and on improving the economic conditions of their families. By providing them with different kinds work they can do which will help them economically with getting abused or exploited by someone. NGOs like CARE India, Child Rights and You, Global March Against Child Labor are working to help child labor in India. The child labor can be stopped when knowledge is translated into legislation and action. Ignorance is the biggest cause of child labor. Their initiative to keep moving with a good intention and ideas will help the population of young children to get  educated and stay away from the child labor. Focusing on the root of the child labor and communities against child labor will definitely will be good result in the  future of the country. Involving specialists with medical, psychological and socio-anthropological level is needed to curb this evil. To eliminate child labor it is very important to eliminate poverty in order to successfully go a long way in stopping child labor in India because child labor is bad.