Educational Assistance Essay

I am presently employed as a packer at H-E-B and would really much like to be considered for the educational aid plan you offer to employees. I want to travel to college to be a druggist when I complete high school and am already taking a pharmaceutics technician category along with my other categories. I know H-E-B is a fantastic topographic point to work.

non merely because I already work at that place but because my male parent has worked as a truck driver at that place for 15 old ages. H-E-B is really steady. has good benefits and most significantly. handle their employees like household.

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I can’t believe of any other workplace that can maintain their employees loyalty like that. I know there is a turning demand for druggists and with the manner H-E-B has added deli’s. flowered dept and pharmaceuticss to maintain up with today’s markets. I can acquire my grade and go a portion of all that. Pharmacists are in demand more and more and can non believe of anywhere I would instead set my grade to work than H-E-B.

All I ask for is the opportunity to go a registered druggist and fall in the pharmaceutics staff at H-E-B.This company has been around for 100 old ages and with the trueness of people like myself and my male parent. will be around for many more. This is my opportunity to carry through my dream of going a druggist and progress my calling within a company I care about.

I unfeignedly hope you will allow my petition for educational aid and assist me do go on the H-E-B tradition of quality service and a household atmosphere. If you approve my petition. I will work hard to do you glad you gave this chance and when I become a druggist. I will able to assist the people who work and shop H-E-B on a regular footing.