Educational institution marketing plan sample Essay

One of Lyceum of the Philippines university- Laguna courses IS College of Business and Accountancy. The following are the courses offered. Bachelor of Science in Legal Management Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in: Marketing Management Management Accounting Operations Management People Management Financial Management Business Management Objectives: Our focus is to attract incoming enrollees to every Start Of the school year in the department of College of Business and Accountancy.To Identify what is needed by the department to gain more enrollees in upcoming school year and popularized the programs offered by the department.

To create new marketing strategies to increase the enrollment of the said department. To continuously improve the standards and ensure the worth of the enrollment of the students. Situation Analysis: The current situation of the department is it is increasing but not in a high beneficial situation. There are other programs that lacks information through its target market that results in low enrollment rate in some courses.Product/ Service Analysis: The Lyceum of the Philippines- Laguna are offering an educational service towards its customers or the students. Under the College of Business and Accountancy, the service given are on good marks. With its vision: The College of Business and Accountancy envisions itself to be a center of excellence in business education, producing graduates who are God-loving, articulate, and productive citizens, imbued with the values and ideals of Dr. Jose P.

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Laurel such as nationalism, leadership, morality and service.And its mission The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) will provide innovative programs which are ever mindful of the specific competencies, skills and values required by existing and emergent industries, while remaining committed to ontinued research and community extension. Provided with up to date facilities and being educated by great professors and securing the enjoyment and stability of the student by the members of different council and organization, it can results to better marks or output when it comes to providing the service needed. Customer Analysis: The customers of the institutions are the students.Based on observation, the customers are influenced by their peers or parents.

They are also influence by the economy on how the course offered is demanded and needed by the economy to ensure the future of one’s student. Other factor is the popularity of one’s course but this is also somehow related to the economy. Market Analysis: Opportunities: – Accreditations -Accessibility.

Threats: -Comparing the university to other schools -Institutions with lower tuition fees. Strengths: -Great facilities -Council officers that do their best to the department. Degree holder professors that performs and teaches well S301 – Because of quality education there is a lot of accreditations given to the college S103- Having good facilities, there is a lot of advertisements or market through word of mouth to bring about our school. S3T3- Because of great and rained professors students are discourage to transfer schools even to those with lower tuition fees.

S2T2- Well trained and congenial officers affects the students vulnerability to rumors and criticism of comparability of LPU-L to other universities. Weaknesses: -Organization’s or council’s poor accountability or informing of dues. Long process of enrollment. -High tuition fee. W301- Because of the accreditations of the school, parents who pay tuition fees are not worried due to its worth. WI 02- Being accessible means easily founded or informed, having poor accountability, those who doesn’t pay their ues are not privilege to continue to their respective activities. W2T3- Long process of enrollment doesn’t only occur to the said institution, yet it also occurs to Others.

Marketing Strategy: 1 . Market Penetration Strategy This strategy is to attract the customers by informing them the core competencies of our department.By this, the customers will be informed that we have a high quality education in our school and under our department. And making them competitive that will ensure them success on their preferred course.

2. Person Marketing This strategy is consists of activities undertaken to create, change and aintain the attitudes or behavior toewards a particular product or service by the use of famous personalities or influential people to promote the institution specializing in our department, by means of commercial ads or concerts, 3.Relationship Marketing Marketing th rough creating, maintaining and enhancing strong long-term relationships with customers in order to win his loyalty. This is done by school to school career talk. Having a pleasant personality and giving them a great first impression is also a way of creating a relationship with the customers knowing that the a department with a safe surroundings and a friendly nstitu tion. 4.

Direct Marketing Marketing through various advertising media that interact directly with consumers, generally calling for the consumer to make a direct response.Having an appropriate career talk or through social networking sites and online submission or pre- enrollment for convenience. 5. Augmented Marketing A strategy providing additional services by way of innovative offerings and benefits to the customers to increase his level of satisfaction.

Like discounts and also activities that will ensure the student’s confidence in fulfilling his or her expectations to oneself.