Effect of Being an International Student Essay

Effect of Being an International Student There are a number of reasons why people decide to move to another country. One reason is to experience more advanced educational facilities than available in their home country. Studying at some of these colleges, and universities may provide a greater level of academic proficiency. Although, there are many things accomplished, there are also many difficulties we encounter as an international student. It is challenging meeting new cultures, and being in a new environment.

As an international student, the most recognizable effect is the feeling of loneliness, and being homesick during the first few months of arrival. This is because of the vast difference of the environment, and the absence of family and friends. The absence of comfort from friends and family are literally oceans, and thousands of miles away. This could easily cause one to spiral into sadness and depression very early into the transitioning process.

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It is also difficult adapting to different cultures and other way of living. Next, some of the international students have language barriers. This is especially true for the Asian, and African Americans, with English as their second language. Some students have the task of learning English, first, before ever starting the process of studying in their field of choice. Their lack of knowledge in English language affects them, when it comes to understanding lectures, reading, and communicating in class.

This is because they are ashamed of their assent. This caused them to spend more time academically to complete college degree, because of the need for language classes in the beginning. In addition, it is challenging financially, needing money to survive, and not being able to have a job other than working at your school. This will not provide enough pay for a good living. Lack of money can cause unnecessary stress, and may not allow for one’s focus to be on their studies.

It makes it difficult for them to buy books . Therefore; these actually cause their grades to be low. Also, accommodation is a problem that occurs due to the financial crisis. As a number of immigrants increases, the accommodation decreases. The government prioritized this one by allowing additional budget on campus housing projects, making it difficult to pay for, as an international student. Furthermore, health issues of an international student are unstable, because of the climate changes.

Like in most of the African continents, they do not experience snow or the extremely cold, or rather the extremely hot weather. This causes them to catch flu or cold, and unfortunately most of them do not have the health insurance. Conclusively, when coming over to other countries, we really do not think of the effects we are going to face. Instead we think mostly about the advantages, and the luxurious and perfect life we are going to have. But, as humans we ignore the facts that we are imperfect. it rather unfortunate on what we arrived and face.