Effect of Communication Barriers and Overcoming These Barriers Essay

Table of Contents 1. 0Introduction3 2. 0Types of communication barrier3 2. 1Physical barrier4 2. 2Perceptual barrier4 2. 3Language barrier4 2. 4Emotional barrier5 2.

5Information overload5 3. 0Ways of overcoming these communication barriers5 3. 1Eliminating physical barrier6 3. 2Eliminating differences in perception6 3. 3Simplifying languages6 3. 4Emotional state6 3. 5Regulating information flow6 4. 0Conclusion7 References8 ? 1.

0Introduction Good morning ladies and gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to come to your company today.My name is XXX and I will be talking about “Effect of Communication Barriers and Overcoming These Barriers”. Ladies and Gentlemen, To begin my speech today, let’s define what communication is. Communication can be define as a process which begins when we have a message that want deliver to other person’s, the person’s received the message, react to it and respond our message. That response may lead us to react and give another message. This process may then go on and on (Elizabeth Tierney, 1998). Communication is very important and is essential at every level of an organisation.Communication allows us to express our thought and emotions and this can be in a form of verbal, non-verbal or written within an organisation.

However effective communication does not come easily as it is a skill that requires practice. Effective Communication is only achievable when a sent message is accurately form and the recipient is able to understand and receive the message clearly. With effective communication chances of misunderstanding, conflicts and errors can be avoided and this should happen between superior and subordinates in the organisation, between other organisation and also society in general.Company objectives then can be easily achieved and this will ensure the success of and growth of your organisation.

In the same time, there might be some interference in communication such as noise and distractions and this would degrade the result of the communication process between the sender and receiver. This interference is called communication barriers and I will elaborate more on what types of communication barriers and ways to overcome it 2. 0Types of communication barrier Ladies and Gentlemen, Communication barriers can be anything that disrupts the message from being properly sent or received.Barriers in communication affect the effectiveness of managers and employees in handling their job in the organisation. To ensure the organisation continues to meet their objectives and goals, it is important for the managers to identify these types of communication barriers.

2. 1Physical barrier Ladies and Gentlemen, physical barrier can happen within your organisation when there is interference due to external factors such as noise and working environment. This will affect the concentration and the ability for the sender and receiver to send and interpret messages correctly.For example, if your company is holding a discussion in a common area around the office there may be chances that the employees in the discussion is disrupt by the noise on the surroundings and also people passing by. This caused the communication to be ineffective as the participant is unable to hear clearly and concentrate completely in the discussion. 2. 2Perceptual barrier The next communication barrier is also one the most common barriers to communication that can happen in an organisation because our words, actions and manners is open to people’s interpretation and perception.

Perception is a process of becoming aware and understanding ones environment that is unique to the individual and is strongly influence by the cultural, emotional, personal and spiritual background of the person. Normally assumptions are made on a person or situation without clarifying first what is the other person means. When this happens, it may generate a negative effect that will cause confusion, misunderstanding, conflicts, and miscommunication. Once perceptual barrier occurs communication is right away blocked or will be limited due to the negative perception.For example, the company’s human resource manager who in charge in interviewing job applicant expects female job applicant to put her family ahead of her career regardless of whether the applicants feel that way or not.

This perception is biased and the interviewer should clarify with the female job applicant first. 2. 3Language barrier Language plays and important role in the communication process. It can also be a barrier to an effective communication as the sender and the receiver must understand and able to converse the language properly.Language barrier will lead the sender and receiver to misunderstand each other when inappropriate words are used.

For example, if the sender is doesn’t clearly speak the same language as the receiver then they may be using words that do not make sense. Another example is words from a certain dialect that is not common to the people in your office or jargon that others do not know what the meaning is. 2. 4Emotional barrier Emotional barrier can happen as acceptable styles of communication vary between cultures.In some societies physical gestures are extravagant, and touch is more acceptable.

In these societies, it is generally acceptable to hug and touch a person’s arm when you are speaking to him. In other societies this would be unacceptable. Some religions have a taboo about members of the opposite sex communicating and particularly touching. For example, casual hugging and kissing in public would be completely unacceptable. 2. 5Information overload Too much information that the sender provide to the receiver may cause the receiver to ignore certain information they feel not important.

As a result, information to the receiver cannot be interpreted properly and they would not be able to respond to messages forwarded to them in a timely manner. For example, the marketing department is presenting a new product to the sales department and product information is presented such as the technical specification of the product, material costing, product information and pricing. The sales department may find that the technical specification and material cost is not relevant to their department and this may affect their ability to absorb important information necessary for them to sell the new product. .

0Ways of overcoming these communication barriers Ladies and Gentlemen, As communication barriers keeps affecting many organisation these days, it is essential for the managers to deal and cope with these communication barriers to ensure smooth and effective communication. After what I have mention earlier in my speech on the types of communication barriers, let me explain to you about ways of overcoming these communication barriers 3. 1Eliminating physical barrierTo eliminate physical barriers, discussion must be done in a proper room where the every person in the group will be able to communicate without any disruption of noise. Seats can be organized properly so the sender and the receiver will be able to communicate messages clearly and efficiently.

As this will increase the concentration any disruption and noise will be minimize. 3. 2Eliminating differences in perception Communicating with an open mind by lowering our expectation can overcome the perceptual barriers.As your perception is always unique and different from other people, message must be clarified properly to avoid different conclusion and assumption to be made. Sender must encode properly his intention and purpose of the message while the receiver chances to interpret the message differently will be avoided 3.

3Simplifying languages Language is one of the basic conditions in communication and it must be make as simple as possible for the receiver to understand the message. Try to speak in brief sentences and use words that are easily understand by the receiver.If jargon is to be used during the communication process, do give the clear meaning of it before hand to avoid the receiver having difficulties to decode the meaning. 3. 4Emotional state During communication one should make effective use of body language.

The sender should not show their emotions while communications as the receiver might misinterpret the message being delivered. For example, if the sender of the message is in a bad mood then the receiver might think that the sender is angry with him and this misunderstanding and the information is not send correctly and clearly. 3. Regulating information flow To overcome information overload, give information that is meaningful to the receiver instead of passing everything to them. There may be information which is unnecessary and it is important that information flow must be prioritize to ensure communication between the sender and receiver is clear. 4. 0Conclusion Ladies and Gentlemen, As the time given to me comes to the end, I like to emphasis again that communication is very important to everyone one of us. Effective communication improves the ability to present ideas and convey messages to other people within the organisation.

It is crucial for an organisation to know how to identify and overcome any communication barriers that I have presented earlier in my speech. Communication barriers such as physical barrier, perceptual barrier, language barrier, emotional barrier and information overloading should be avoided. By using ways of overcoming the communication barrier such as eliminating physical barrier, eliminating differences in perception, simplifying languages, emotional state and regulating information flow organisation through communication can achieve their company objective and goals.With this as a conclusion, I hope you have gain some important knowledge on the topic discussed and would benefit to you organisation.

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