Effective Leadership Across Cultures Commerce Essay

Leadership is a procedure of communal impact in which person can enroll the assistance and support of the others in success of a end. Organizational civilization is a group of shared intellectual premises that guide elucidation and act in organisations by important appropriate behaviour aimed at legion state of affairss, Ravasi and Schultz ( 2006 ) .


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Culture is integrated design of human information, behaviour and belief that depends upon the volume for symbolic supposed and societal acquisition, shared attitudes, ends, values, and patterns that typifies an establishment, ( oxforddictionaries.com )

Organizational civilization

Organizational values are the shared behavior of populaces that are portion of organisation, it ‘s besides shaped by the organisation visions, values, norms, systems, working linguistic communication, and symbols, and it includes sentiments and wonts. It ‘s besides the design of such shared behaviors and outlooks that are trained to new organisational squad members as manner of comprehending. Organizational civilization moves the manner people and sets interact with each other, clients, and stakeholders. Indian organisational civilization is influenced by socio-cultural pattern and somewhat flexible. ( oxforddictionaries.com )

For this assignment two leaders that I have chosen and are approved my coach are:

Leader 1: Anil Ambani ( India ) . Leader 2- Christopher D. Corrigan ( Australia )

2. Personal, cultural, organisational and social cultural values of each leader

Leader 1

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani was born in 1959. He is an Indian who inherits Indian civilization. He is a bourgeois and president of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Ambani household is the wealthiest households in India and he is one of the wealthiest in the universe, their wealth congenital from Dhirubhai Ambani, who is the laminitis. He is a member at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Anil Ambani is a member of Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur ; Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and besides member of the Central Advisory Committee, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Leader 2

Chris Corrigan was born in 1946 in Australia and belongs to western civilization. He combined stockbroker Ord Minnett as an expert in 1968 and enthused to as plus director in 1970. He was selected pull offing manager in twelvemonth 1979. Corrigan shaped a partnership with his spouse Peter Scanlon, a old Elders Limited executive. He is one of the most successful concern leaders in Australia.

3. Describe the leading behaviour, manners, traits and several theories for each leader?


Anil Ambani is really industrious and dedicated leader and because of this he was given ‘The Businessperson of the Decade Award ‘ by the Management Bombay Association, October 2002, Given the Wharton Indian Alumni foremost Award by the India Economic Forum Wharton ( WIEF ) in gratitude of his influence to the initiation of Reliance as a world-wide leader in legion of concern parts, December 2001. He was awarded as a ‘Businessman of the Year in 1997 ‘ award given by India ‘s top concern magazine, Indian Business intelligence, 2002. There is one phase when Abani was accused of illegal cozenages and fraud but he fought a legal conflict and all his top degree direction stood house in their statement and he won the instance.

Leader 2

Chris is really determined, hardworking and ethical leader who believes in himself. At one phase Virgin air hoses was about on the brink of neglecting and Chris was appointed to reconstitute the company and convey it back to successful company. He restructured the company and even went the extent of plundering some of the top employees to salvage the concern and he was able to make it on clip to halt the company from shuting down.

4. Personal, cultural, organisational and social ends of Chris Corrigan and Anil Ambani

There are some properties that are jointly believed to promote good leading: All these are in both leaders Ambani and Chris. Both are representative trustiness, a intelligence of justness and honestness, taking foresight and arrangement in front, actuating, encouraging, and being confident and dynamic, constructing assurance, informed, being communicative, a coordinator, a squad participant and with great passion for work.

Leader 1

Goal -Anil Ambani ‘s Personal Lifestyle suggests that he is a really active individual and loves to work and keep the imperium physique by his male parent and do his concern one of the most powerful in economic footings both in India and universe

Leader 2

Goals- Chris Corrigan says ” I ‘d continuously had a vernal aspiration to travel into the portion capital concern, and expended twenty-odd old ages in it. But the supposed of outgo the 2nd half of my profession in the similar concern was dull, so I see about for extra chances. “ ( Business Quotes by Famous Businessman, Chris Corrigan )

5. Properties of social and organisational civilizations affected the sorts of leader ‘s behaviour and organisational pattern that have been accepted and made effectual by each leader?

Leadership is largely about behaviour, peculiarly towards others. Populaces who struggle for these things usually come to be viewed and respected as a leader by their societies. Some of these behaviours are demonstrated by both leaders. First, unity in which is the most of import demand because without it everything else is for nil. Second is holding an effectual duty and attack towards company duty so that the necessity to type net income is well-balanced with broad communal and environmental duties. Third is being really grown-up so that leader can ne’er acquire emotionally negative with people. Fourth is no shouting or angry even if leader feels really disquieted or angry. Fifth taking by illustration such as invariably be seen to be work harder besides more unfalteringly than anyone else, and assisting people when they need it. Finally being just and house and sing everyone likewise and on virtue. Be house and pure in trade with bad behaviour.


Chris Corrigan for illustration shows co-operate societal duty by stating “ You need to hold the accomplishment to see how the concern environment power be like a drawn-out manner out, non just to the approaching months. You have to be intelligent to both set an expansive way, and likewise to take peculiar determinations “ ( Matthew Stevens, 2007 ) .Furthermore Chris was at all times moving largely with stockholder amenitiess in head. He ever had a reasonably unsloped attitude to corporate, and would non repair anything that he considered improper. As a effect, he on occasion pursued issues during his calling that extra people might hold evaded, ( Chris Corrigan, 2009 ) .

Leader 1

Anil Ambani is a great leader holding several leading qualities. He provided vision to assorted companies of his group. He is non afraid to take deliberate hazards. He freshly topped Business Piece ‘s “ universe ‘s biggest failure ” list of corporate leaders who recently lost money in 2000s slack losing $ 32.5 billion in twelvemonth 2008, which brought him out of the top 10 list to figure 34 in 2009, ( Gayatri, R Shah, 2010 ) . However, this loss did non halt him from advancement. He is a great leader and under his leading, the full group grows like anything. For illustration Reliance Capital is besides be aftering to establish a Local Bank web in India harmonizing to RBI guidelines. He has besides played a major function in Film industry by advancing Reliance Big Entertainment. Thus, overall, Anil Ambani is a great leader.

9. Management of alteration

Theory: Kotter ( 1995 ) province each phase of alteration acknowledges a cardinal rule affecting to people ‘s rejoinder and attack to fluctuation, in which people feel, see and so alteration.

Leader 1

Situation: Ambani wanted to purchase exclusive rights in selling amusement industry. He faced a batch of resistance from Indian challengers.

Discussion: He used his effectual communicating abilities and explained to Indian authorities and movie industry where the movie industry was at that minute and made them understand where it would be, why, when, and what the procedures will be for taking at that place. He gained support because he developed accomplishable mensurable ends.

Evidence: As a leader he used his manipulative power eventually he was able to take control of amusement universe and made it genuinely planetary and signed joint venture with American concern baron Steven Spielberg.

Self: Ambani gained the position of first business communities to do the company multiplex and major fiscal addition for his company and Organization This alteration made the company multiplex and gave major fiscal addition for his company and workers who remained loyal to him as he was known as wealthiest business communities in India.

Followings: workers remained loyal to him as he was known as wealthiest business communities in India.

Leader 2

Situation: Chris Corrigan managed alteration successfully when in early 2000 his company Virgin Airlines suffered economic loss. Chris Corrigan is n’t used to failure.

Discussion: He communicated his thoughts and feelings for the organisation and spoke truthfully about what he thought about the policies of the organisation. He blamed the board ‘s scheme for the loss and spoke publically for the first clip of his purpose to take over the company and presume full control. ( Broadcast: 03/02/2005, Reporter: Emma Alberic )

Evidence: Chris brought about a batch of alterations such as lowest menus, particular Tourss and brassy advertisement. This attracted the support of clients at all degrees to take Virgin air hoses a really promising and exciting concern.

Self: Chris gained regard and celebrity because he saved his organisation from bankruptcy. Chris gained universe category leading position.

Organization: It was good to the workers of the organisation as they remained in employment and developed love and regard for their leader.

Followings: Everyone including his rivals accepted this alteration as it was needed to salvage the company from bankruptcy. Followings were inspired because they remained in employment.

10. Cultural Aspects of Achieving Change

Communication accomplishments


Follower engagement

Planing and analysis

Need for alteration

Anil Ambani is credited with holding pioneered many fiscal alterations in the Indian capital market places. For illustration, he ran India ‘s first schemes into foreign capital markets with world-wide public offerings of world-wide depositary convertibles, grosss and bonds. He absorbed Reliance in its strivings to raise, of all time since 1991, about US $ 2 billion after abroad economic markets ; with a 100 twelvemonth Yankee bond concern in January 1997 being the high thought, after which individuals considered him as a economic ace. Anil and his brother, Mukesh Ambani, have piloted the Reliance Set to its current rank as India ‘s top fabrics, petrochemicals, power, crude oil, and Telecom Company.

Communication accomplishments

Chris Corrigan is an experient accelerator and leading adviser who specializes in hosting plans for big groups, communities and organisations in work outing complex job and helps them to accept alteration. He works extensively in Australia and New Zealand, forming workshops and uses both verbal and gestural communicating accomplishments efficaciously and that is why he is ever successful in his undertakings. .

Follower engagement

His clients are diverse, runing from large companies to autochthonal communities, churches, nonprofit organizations and authorities organic structures. Where makes them understand the values of ethical leading in prolonging good relationships which contribute towards the success of a concern.

Need for alteration

His work focuses on understanding context and making action that is logical with alteration theoretical accounts which recognize the complexness and nature of life. For illustration lovingness for the environment makes companies derive clients and regard for the concern. ( www.chriscorrigan.com )


Both Ambani and Corrigan have shown situational manner of leading. Understanding which features of leading is world-wide, and which aspects are culturally strong-willed is critical when covering with corporate leaders globally. It besides helps me understand how to be more effectual as leader, whether internationally or locally. Impressive your positions on extra is likely to be disallowed wherever in the universe. Olden ways of forming and taking are non bring forthing the consequence we desire. Real alteration in concern and society calls for a new sort of leading in all of us, no affair our function. It requires a new manner of sharing thoughts and information.