Effective Team Essay

Effective is successfully producing the result that we want. Team is a group of people who work together to achieve goal. So, the effective team means a group of people that successful to achieve their goal by work together. The team has two or more members and members have responsibility to their role in teams, can communicate effectively with other, and concerned in participate management. The effective team need a high cooperation among the member in the team and a good leadership to control, manage, and bring his or her team to the goal.The advantage of team is generates more idea because there are more than one person gives idea in any discussion. When more people give their own idea, the discussion can be evaluate and develop.

Then, the information and knowledge among the members in the team will increased because in discussion, the other member who knows more about the certain topic can explain it more detail to other member. Teams also can reduce the time that used by the member to seek information about the certain topic. The factor of the number of member in team can support this point because the member can be separated to seek information from all sources in same time.

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The example is one of the member will seek information from internet, and the other will seek information from book, news, and magazines. The other advantage of team is multi-cultural. The member can come from different race, religion, and place. The multi-cultural in team will helps members improve their communication skill.

For example, in language and understand their culture.The disadvantage of team is conflict in the team. The conflict happened when the other member is not agree with the idea that suggested by the other member and his or her idea is not accepted. When his or her idea is not accepted, he or she will felt frustration and this situation affect his or her commitment in the team. If one of the members does not give their cooperation in team, the team can be unproductive. The unproductive team will produce a low quality of result or cannot achieve their goal in their team.

Team also can encourage free riders in their team. The free rider is the members who join the team but do not active or play their role in team. The free rider always happens in a team that have too many members.In conclusion, the advantage is more than the disadvantage in the team.

The disadvantage can be avoided if the leader in the team can manage and control their teams properly. So, working in the team should be applied in any big project and every member should cooperate with the other member and make sure they play their own role to make sure their goal can be achieved.