Effectiveness of School Counseling Essay

Nowadays, with the increase in number of students, there is an increase in number of differences between students in terms of their background and abilities. These differences impacts some positively while negatively to others. Some Student’s physical, cultural and socioeconomic factors lead them to be disadvantaged and suffer. Some might be bullied, while some have disabilities. Some students might be less motivated to learn, while some are not career focused.All of these concerns would lead to unfavorable results on the lives of the students if not addressed properly(Philips & Mustafa, 2010).

Thus, one of the aims of education policy of Maldives is to create safe, caring schools, with positive learning environments that are free from violence and abuse for each and every child in our schools (ESQID, 2011). Here comes the need for counselling services. School counseling plays a huge role in bringing out the best in children.It is of utmost importance in offering personal support to address issues related to academic performance, career choice, as well as personal and social concerns (Philips & Mustafa, 2010). Therefore, Counselling is regarded as an early intervention strategy that creates awareness in students to look at their problems from different angles. This there by helps them to manage their academic, emotional and behavioural difficulties and be more successfully both in school and at home.If such problems are addressed earlier, then problems in student’s attitudes, and behaviour could be prevented meanwhile promoting mental health (ESQID, 2011) Thus it is important to understand about counseling well in order to help students being alienated and ignored due not fulfilling their individual needs.

According to (Philips & Mustafa, 2010), A comprehensive school counseling programme would address three main areas of school counseling, which is based on personality, educational and vocational issues. Details of each type would be discussed in detail in the discussion part to avoid repetition.