Effectiveness of Training and Development Essay

Problem Identification: It is always needed to analyze the effectiveness of training and development programmes conducted. Because in the present scenario, up gradation of skills and knowledge of the employees is of much importance to keep the employee updated with the present changes. At the same time, cost associated with training and development is also very high. So, this research entitled as Employee training and development on IFB industries Limited, Verna goa is done to analyze the effectiveness of training and development programmes in the company.

Problem formulation: The controllable and uncontrollable variables that constitute the problem 1. Controllable variables training budget, needs, effectiveness, outcome, profitability, communication, quality, safety, communication, quality , motivation, commitment, self- efficiency, discipline. 2. Uncontrollable variables Competition, technology, absenteeism, employee turnover, wastages and accidents damages, grievances, employee attitude or behavior, job satisfaction. Problem Specification: * A motivated person is more efficient & qualitative than others.

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And the better your staff perform, the better it is for your business. * employees can respond and adapt to the changing technology well. * Trained employees enable the organization to face competition from rival firms. * Trained employees adjust to the job better and there are fewer rates of absenteeism and turnover. * Trained employees minimize wastages of resources in the organization and work both efficiently and effectively. * Training can be used to create positive attitudes through clarifying the behaviours and attitudes that are expected from the employee. By communicating and motivating the employee to work efficiently can minimize the grievances . * There can be reduction in emergency cases like accidents by giving the right information and having the proper safety measures * For an employee or any person to be satisfied and happy with his job, he should posses the skills to do the particular job. Problem Resolution: * The motivated employees remain loyal to the company longer than employees who do not have the required skills and as a result remains unhappy no matter what you do for them.

The benefits of employee training are both intrinsic and extrinsic . * Technological change necessitating acquisition of new knowledge, ability and skill. * Bring about change in the attitude of the workers towards fellow workers, supervisors and organization. * reduce the number of accident by providing safety training to the workers Training can be cost effective, as it is cheaper to train existing employees compared to recruiting new employee with the skills you need.