Effects for Students Study Abroad Essay

Effects for students study abroad As the world now become a global village, the proportion of students study abroad has increase a lot recent years due to many possible reasons such as family immigration, exchange programs, job requirements, financial ability and etc. In 2007, there were about 262,000 American students studied abroad; where as only 114,000 US students studied abroad a decade ago. Study abroad has become a trend since many people believe that in order to get a head start before others, it is one of the significant factors.

This belief is reliable because as a result of studying abroad, students get the ability to gain the global view in early age, get better thoughts for their future life, and obtain more opportunities for career. Students study abroad often gets the global view in early ages because they would see the trend of our world and societies by spending years of time in other countries learning their languages and cultures, and getting to know other people. The first thing students study abroad is to know and learn the country’s language.

In the society today, lots of people are bilinguals; therefore, learning a second language or a third language is important and even seemed to be essential as time goes on. While learning the language of the country, students are also learning the culture there. Culture always has a significant impact towards people. For example, here in United States, people usually put their shoes on at home where most countries in Asia would wear indoor slippers at home; in Thailand, it is considered very rude to touch others head; in India, pork is prohibited…etc.

Thus, students need to be aware of the cultural differences in order to get along with people in the country. Students could also get to make friends from all over the world. Making international friendships are one of the major parts to success in our modern society due to the human resource significance. Making bonds with the globe and the society is one of the beneficial effects of studying abroad. Besides, studying abroad tend to give students better perspectives and more creative thoughts for their future. Since living alone without family’s protection, there are many things students study abroad need to decide on their own.

Moreover, as a teenager, it is not easy to make every single choice correct. Consequently, they become more independent and self-motivated. In addition, students usually realize more principles that they had never thought of before, such as: how their family takes cares of them when they were back home; how much they love their own country and how much she has affect them; how challenge it is to do things on their own; how difficult it is to communicate with others using an unfamiliar language and how to take responsible of themselves.

After all, students could explore more about themselves by doing things independently and willing to embrace the challenges to improve their limits. By studying abroad, students have changed their surrounding from own nation to international. It is like moving a fish from a river to an ocean. This simply open more doors for international students because they are surrounded in a diversified environment which contained multiple opportunities to enhance their social experiences and cultivate their foresight to future career.

First, the internships and job opportunities they get from college would provide them an outstanding resume because of the work experiences from foreign countries. There is a statistic compiled by “Global Views Monthly” pointing out that the ratio of companies recruit students graduated from foreign colleges to students graduated from domestic colleges is approximately 3:1. Secondly, there are predominance that students study abroad would have such as world-class professors, different races of friends in different fields of studies, and job experiences in a foreign country.

Lastly, by studying abroad, students could join different kinds of activities and clubs that their home country might not provide due to the culture or geographical reasons. For example, in my own country—Taiwan, which is located on the tropic of Cancer, has never snow before. After I studied abroad in the US, I found myself enjoy snowboarding a lot that I could never do it in my own country. Studying abroad is not merely about gaining academic education; it also provides opportunity to observe, experience and enjoy oneself from real life. Opportunities open for people who endeavor to seek for them.

Studying abroad not only could effect students become more mature by gaining a global view in early ages but also unlock more doors for students to take a chance of success in the future. It is a unique experience that gives people a different perspective of life and goals. Consequently, studying abroad has a significant effect towards students that enhance their self-actualization. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. http://www. vistawide. com/studyabroad/study_abroad_statistics. htm [ 2 ]. Foresight Magazine May 2010 edition