Effects of Bubonic Plague in the Lives of Middle Ages People Essay

Effects of Bubonic Plague in the Lives of Middle Ages PeopleThe spread of bubonic plague or Black Death changed the beliefs and lives of the Middle Age people. The disease that came from the East was spread throughout the Europe slashed more than one-third of whole European population and some sheep and cattle also died mysteriously. Panic rises as all people wanted to quarantine themselves from the mysterious disease with no known medical treatments by then. People blame people and church, infected people scared those who were well to acquire food and pleasures in life before dying.

All in all, people in Europe became desperate that even their own sons and daughters were disowned if they were infected.The culture or way of life changed from a highly prosperous one to an ill-stricken, abandoned and chaotic life. Social order was not observed because people think only of themselves; people only think of flying away, corpse were thrown in mass graves and were not given final rites. Some people (like The Flagellant Brahren group) saw the plague as a punishment for the sins of the world. They performed rituals to increase the heat of emotion so that people start to become remorseful; and they succeeded. Mysticism and paganism was unconsciously exercised and even the Catholic Church also practiced such to acquire more power and believers. With no potential medicine to cure them at that time, people depended on prayers and faith and then battle of medicine and religion intensified.The church stuck into the bible scripts to describe and convince that what was happening was a sign for people to start repenting.

Relics, scriptures and images were used in healing and they were not anymore clerical but rather pagan in nature. Large scale diseases tend to change the culture of people (like what happened in Europe). They produce hysteria from which people will start to reassess their lives and live a new one if they think if it is necessary.

Large scale diseases before have no definite cure that was why panic and cultural change occur while today medicine is very advance from which plague can be prevented to scatter widely.ReferencesThe Middle Ages.net (2008). The Black Death: Bubonic Plague.

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