Effects of Electronic Media Essay

A Global View I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this chapter. I enjoyed how the book described the effect or possible effects of electronic media on our society. “Because all electronic media can inform, persuade, and cultivate values, this makes access to them a jealously guarded prerogative. Traditionally, most countries have limited access to professional broadcasters, experts on topics of public interest, people currently in the news, entertainers, and politicians. Growing access to the Internet worldwide has provided a communication link for many people without access to traditional media. Although Internet usage in most countries is very low people always find a way. People in Haiti use solar power, batteries, and generators to power their computers because there is no electricity most of the time. Broadband, high speed Internet, can enable users to take advantage of video on demand services streamed over the Internet because of its high rate of data transmission.

Making existing, traditional, radio and TV broadcasters who provide Internet feeds of their live audio and video stream or pure Internet broadcasters who have never had on-air licenses readily available to watch anywhere. This means that your computer, phone, ipad, or any internet connected device can access online media essentially in the same way that was previously only possible with a TV or radio. One of the most interesting things I learned was that on average 825,000 new videos are uploaded to YouTube every day! Founded in 2005, it is now the leading website for free streaming video.

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