Effects Of Global warming In Greece Essay

            We all know that global warming is a natural phenomenon that occurs as sudden change in climate or as sudden rise of temperature which affects a particular area. Global warming can cause a lot of destruction particularly to countries whose economy depends on agriculture and its products because as the temperature increases there is a chance that the soil where they rely as a good supplier of minerals to their crops will be affected and will get dried by the phenomenon. At the same time, global warming does not only cause drought itself because drought can cause starvation to a particular country once it has not been treated. There area lot of effects of the global warming in a particular area thus, making it a very serious issue regarding the economy of the countries affected and much more of the lives of the people living in it. Global warming causes a lot of negative effects to people. It can lead to starvation and can kill a lot of people for a period of time. Global warming can also affect the weather condition in a country. Sudden increase of heat in a country can cause faster evaporation of water and can affect the time and rate of rainfalls in a particular country.

            In Mediterranean countries, the effect of global warming is intimidating a lot of people who could have been affected by the said phenomenon. Before global warming takes place in these countries, there have been a lot of forecasts on possible events that could take place in the se countries. There are forecasts about the possible extinction of some organisms due to the sudden change of temperature there are possibilities that some organisms and other creatures won’t be able to adapt to the circumstances and these may lead to there extinction. These forecasts and some other forecasts that may have a negative effect upon the affected countries threatens a lot of concerned individual and organizations who wants to play a part to help and ease the burden these affected countries encounters against the effects of the global warming.

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            The present situation of the global warming has turned worst and has cause a lot of negative effects including a lot of destructions in the Mediterranean countries. Part of these countries has become like a desert as the effects of soil degradation and the sudden change of climate and temperature become so lethal that it had cause thousands to migrate due to the chain effects of the global warming (Guardian Newspapers)

            The four countries that are greatly affected by the global warming are the countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece (Guardian Newspapers). According to sources, effects of global warming in Spain have turned a fifth of its land into desert. In Italy, people in its southern part have abandoned their places due to the same effect that the southern part of Italy has turned into desert. The same effects happened to Portugal and to Greece (Guardian Newspapers).

            The rapid change in climate and the sudden rise of the temperature causes the land of these counties to dry and eventually turned into desert-like areas as the soil was degraded. This event greatly affects Greece’s economy. Their land which they have been taking care of and have been properly cultivated for the past couple of centuries have been abandoned and lost due to the effects of global warming (Guardian Newspapers). Productivity is maintained through careful irrigation and proper terracing for soil conservation, but because of the effect of the global warming, the irrigation process was greatly affected and became difficult as if it was not possible to have a good irrigation process for the agricultural products of Greece (Guardian Newspapers). At the same time, the terraces which are supposed to protect the crops was weakened by the drought and heat caused by the global warming. Only bare rocks will remained in the agricultural area of Greece as the soil was washed away and the terracing walls broke down and if this happens, the possible rehabilitation of the agricultural area of Greece is almost possible (Guardian Newspapers). This made the situation in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece the worst affected by the global warming

            Drought-stricken places have their economic conditions turned worst due to this effects their country has encountered economic catastrophe. Tourism of these countries was also greatly affected. Greece particularly as a tourist spot have lost a lot in the business of tourism because their country was devastated and have almost turned into a desert. Tourist won’t spend money just to visit a country who suffers economically, where starvation is at the edge and will probably affect the tourist as well. At the same time the water supply is greatly affected by drought and we all know that water is a very important vital supplement.

            Another factor that causes the situation worse is that there are a lot of immigrants from other countries who are migrating to Europe and particularly to the countries affected by the global warming. These people who migrate to these countries don’t know that the countries they have migrated are greatly affected by the global warming and are now suffering from its effects. At the same time, the additional population caused by these immigrants adds up to the consumption of the supplies which are now running into shortage. Having limited supplies and additional consumers makes the situation worse and if this situation continues, these countries are in the edge of encountering more of the negative effects of the threatening phenomenon, the global warming.

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