Effects of Higher College Tuition on California Students Essay

Running Head: EFFECTS OF HIGHER EDUCATION ON CALIFORNIA STUDENTS Effects of Higher College Tuition on California Students Hudson Pacific Ocean University EFFECTS OF HIGHER COLLEGE TUITION ON CALIFORNIA STUDENTS Abstract There has been a hike in college tuition especially in California. The UC and CSU system have been having budget cuts from the state and in turn the system increases the tuition in universities to cover the costs. The students are the worst affected by the increase in the tuition.

A lot of students have debts from college loans taken out and the tuition increase is only making it worse for them. Effects of Higher College Tuition on California Students. Education is a necessity that many of us value in todays life. Many people dream of having a successful life and careers like doctors, lawyers, psychologists and so on need to be well educated in order to achieve any of these. This is all possible but not everyone has the same opportunities as others, there are a quite number of people who struggle just to obtain this simple necessity.

In California, the tuition in four-year public universities, both UCs and CSUs has been increasing due to the lack of funding for the 2011-2012 academic year. The University of California tuition for the 2011-2012 school year rose nearly 18 percent from that of 2010. The typical family’s income is hard hit by the costs of attending a four year college. The tuition hike is leading to higher debts among students and higher education becoming less affordable for most American families. Research Questions. 1. What caused the tuition hike in the CSU and UC system in California? . How are college students handling the difficult situation of tuition increase? 3. Is their any sign of relief from the tuition increases and budget cuts? Tuition in California Universities has been increasing in the last couple of years and there seems to be no sign of relief. There have been a lot budget cuts in the UC and CSU systems and within this crisis, students are the ones being affected the most by the increase in tuition. The university budget cuts are the driving force for the tuition increase but what exactly is being done to solve this problem?

The result of less funding being given to schools is higher tuition to cover the gap and keep some of the school programs running. The UC and CSU system has always been a way to get public low-cost higher education without having to worry but this looks like its changing to resemble that of private education even with financial aid trying to help those students who cannot afford school. “State funding for UC and the California State University was cut $650 million this year for each system. As a result, in-state UC undergrads will pay 18. %, or nearly $1,900, more in tuition and fees than last year,” reports the Huffington Post. With the ongoing cuts on education throughout colleges and universities in California due to lack of state funding, students and families will have to try even harder to get higher education and to keep their kids in school. The high cost of education might force students to overwork themselves trying to cover the cost of attending universities plus the living cost too which is already high and this might affect students negatively when it comes to students progress in school.

California has always provided support for higher education but not anymore. “… the Golden State is becoming more like others in the view that students are the main beneficiaries of a college education and should bear most of the cost,” writes the Los Angeles Times. Students will have to pay more tuition than before for higher education, a transition that would resembling that of other states and not how California has always been. The state’s higher education budget cuts are affecting students greatly and its making it harder for average families to afford the costs.

The increasing cost of attending a four year college has made other students struggle to pay it off while still burring other students in debt. The net price for attending a four year college will likely rise in the coming years, since tuition is growing faster than the financial aid. Students are doing anything to avoid having to take loans or even pay back huge amounts of money. According to the Huffington Post, Jesse, a University of California-Berkeley student chooses to use the library instead of buying books, skips meals and sleeps five to six hours per night so he can take 21 credits.

College students are doing anything to escape this education crisis, some students sacrifice their time to get a full load of classes to escape loans. Most of the students are starting to take longer hours at work, staying at home and saving up all what they have just to cover the costs of attending a university. According to Baum, college tuition will keep on increasing as the years go by with no signs of improvements “And there’s no immediate relief in sight: “College is more expensive this year than last, and it is probably going to get more expensive next year,” stated in CNN.

There is no sign to an end of the tuition increases in the CSU and UC system meaning that this will be even more devastating for students who are already trying as hard as they can to pay for school. If the tuition of California universities keep on increasing, more students will be on debt and the situation will worsen and this will deter high school students who want to move straight to universities after graduation.

The situation does not seem to get better so students should prepare for more price increases and find ways to save up money for their education. With the tuition hikes in California universities, it has become a lot more hard for students and families to get higher education. The increasing budget cuts on education is making the situation even harder for students who do anything to cope with the increasing tuition, lack of funding being the main reason for the tuition hike.

As stated in the Huffington Post,“The solution is helping students better understand the complexities of financial aid: the difference between government and private loans, how much debt is manageable, the likely returns on various degrees and majors. ” This is useful especially for those students who are starting out in a four year college to have knowledge of the system and how the students can protect themselves from the crisis. Work Cited: The Huffington Post. ( 2011, October 22 ) . University Of California Tuition Income Eclipses State Funding For First Time. ttp://www. huffingtonpost. com/2011/08/22/uc-income-from-tuition-increase-above-state-funding_n_933323. html Justin Pope. ( 2011, November 27 ) . The Other Student Loan Problem: Too Little Debt. http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2011/11/28/the-other-student-loan-pr_0_n_1116040. html Larry Gordon. ( 2011, August 22 ) . A first: UC fees exceed state funding. http://articles. latimes. com/2011/aug/22/local/la-me-college-pay-20110822 Kim Clark. ( 2011, October 29 ) . College costs climb, yet again. http://money. cnn. com/2011/10/26/pf/college/college_tuition_cost/index. htm