Efficiency and Effectiveness of Wind Power Generation Essay

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Wind Power Generation With the reckless energy demand in the 21st century and the growing of global warming, which made by environmental pollution, energy supply has become the constraint and an obstacle to the economic development of many countries. To solve these kinds of puzzles, which can respond to the climate and energy challenges. , people now pay more attention to all kinds of new type of renewable energy, which is good ecologically. Wind power is one of the optimal energy, which has great prospects.

Wind is the movement of air across the surface of the earth, from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure (Anon, 2010). Wind goes through the turbine motor then drive the machine to produce electricity, which is wind power generation. It is currently already used widely in many jurisdictions because of the attractiveness, significant negative externalities, and the performance which human society civilization progresses. Wind energy as an inexhaustible, clean, and also environmentally friendly energy, which is gradually paid more attention by people around the world.However, it also has some problems. Wind power generation needs to pay a lot to achieve operation, which made various countries to have a cautious consideration about that. But as wind turbine technology improves, costs may come down, become cheaper as turbines continue to grow in size and manufacturers drive down costs.

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So in this essay will make a sketchy overview of wind power generation. The wind used by people early mainly by windmills to pump water, flour, and now, people interested in is how to use the wind to generate electricity.If the power of wind can be utilized effectively, the non renewable energy will be replaced by wind power. Also, the reserve of the wind power is extremely huge. The global wind energy is about 2. 74*109 MW and the available amount is 2*107 MW, which is ten times larger than the overall water energy that is available for use on the Earth (Libanciel 2011). As the result of the huge reserve of wind power, it is a viable and worthy of scale widely progress of renewable energy to reduce global energy crisis, which is a particularly good news for the economic development of the countries all over the world.

Human can really make a full use of wind power thanks to the huge reserve, however, wind power generation field selection affects the results of the wind power generation directly. Wind energy supply is affected by a number of factors, especially the weather, topography and surface effects. Wind power in the air distribution is scattered and unstable. So before choosing the location, the advantage terrain, analysis, and judgment of building wind field locations is very necessary to be considered.Besides traffic, residents, economy and other factors of society should be calculated, and then the best wind farms address will be determined. All above the problems show that it is difficult to choose the best location of the wind farm.

Wind farms are only effective when placed in proper locations. Therefore, selecting the best location of wind farms is critical in order to harness as much wind as possible and to generate large amount of electricity needed to be used in agriculture, residential, and commercial purposes (Wind Turbines LLC, 2011). Wind energy is a clean energy source.

Comparing with coal fired plants, wind power generation will not produce any waste gas, waste water, waste heat or any other pollutions, which is the truly environmentally friendly energy that can be utilized in many areas. The former power station that fired coal had an efficiency of around 1%, and need 12. 3 kg of coal for the generation of 1 kWh. This meant 37kg CO2 emissions per kWh(Hans dieter, 2005). Through this data we can distinctly analysis the quiet efficiency of coal fired generation and not ecologically friendly comparing with the wind power generation.As the consequence of using wind power generation, there would be less pollution, which can reduce the global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer. It is likewise let people live in an environment with fresh air, limpid water and blue sky. Wind power generation needs to pay a lot to achieve operation.

An energy cost includes not only a one time investment, infrastructure, but also includes increased equipment cleaning, maintenance and repair wages must be paid to the staff costs.However, as the time increases, and aging equipment, power efficiency will decrease, the majority of energy cost has increased year by year. Therefore, looking for a low cost and has huge reserve energy has been the main directions of research for the countries all over the world.

Both solar and wind power cost a lot of money, take up a lot of space, yet provide very little in terms of electricity. There is no way that you can run any kind of appliance off either of these two devices(Magnetic Generator, 2011). However, as wind turbine technology improves, costs may also coming down.

Wind power generation technology can be applied flexibly, can not merely parallel operation, but also work independently from the power grid or complement power to the power grid system. Wind farm operation mode can supply electric power for the country and remote areas to provide production, and the electricity for everyday life. Wind power generation is more mature than other new renewable energy. While in the wind energy conversion process, it does not need any fuel barely a little land will be occupied, plus it needs a short construction period.In 2010, more than half of all recent wind power was added outside of the traditional markets in Europe and North America. This was largely from original construction in China, which accounted for nearly half the fresh wind installations (16. 5 GW)(Global Wind Energy Council, 2011). As the practical applicability, wind power generation is extensively used.

Worldwide there are now many thousands of wind turbines operating, with a total nameplate capacity of 238,351 MW as of end 2011(Global Wind Energy Council, 2011).Thought about all the advantages of the wind power generation, government really gives a lot support on that. For example, a 2009 study by the Environmental Law Institute assessed the size and structure of U.

S. energy subsidies over the 2002-2008 periods. The study estimated that subsidies to fossil-fuel based sources amounted to approximately $72 billion over this period and subsidies to renewable fuel sources totaled $29 billion. In the United States, the federal government has paid US$74 billion for energy subsidies to support R&D for nuclear power ($50 billion) and fossil fuels ($24 billion) from 1973 to 2003.During this same timeframe, renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency received a total of US$26 billion. It has been suggested that a subsidy shift would help to level the playing field and support growing energy sectors, namely solar power, wind power, and befouls (Pernick et al, 2007). From the data we can analyze clearly that through the substantial support by government to wind power generation, it can produce powerful economic interests. Chinese new energy strategy is set to focus on devoting major efforts to developing wind power.

Wind power generation has been supported by the relevant national policies. Chinese renewable energy sources such as wind power industry development prospects are extremely broad, which is expected to keep for a long period of time will maintain high speed development in the future. At the same time with Chinese wind power generation technology advanced, wind power will be used more extensively.

As the scale of Chinese domestic production of wind power installed capacity and power generation, wind power costs are expected to drop again.Shi Pengfei, Vice President of wind energy professional committee of China Renewable Energy Association, said that the planning and construction of 10 million kilowatt wind power bases will ensure the electrical power output and sale of 100 million kilowatts of wind power base in China by 2020, achieving national renewable energy target in the medium-and long-term development plan (nafste, 2012) To conclude, wind power generation that compared with coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear power and renewable energy is more apt to develop.It has better prospects. Although oil, natural gas and fossil energy are broadly using now, the reserve is finite after all, and the environmental pollution is correspondingly more serious. Besides solar energy is inexhaustible, but the efficiency is low, and has a complicated technical.

However, wind power energy is the most viable potential and vitality of the renewable energy, which is an inexhaustible renewable energy source and also environmentally friendly.At the same time, regardless of the fact that the wind power station is a onetime investment and compared with other energy sources at a higher level, taking into account that in can completely work with emission of carbon dioxide. With a light of an extended term, the cost is not prohibitive. And furthermore as wind turbine technology improves, costs may come down, become cheaper as turbines continue to grow in size and manufacturers drive down costs.

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