EFI Logistics Essay

1. Do EFI’s marketing strategies appear to be appropriate? The EFI’s marketing strategies is to not lose the customers they have, and this means that they have to respond to each call quickly and knowledgeably, and then providing excellent service. Excellent service means making all of the arrangements and preparing all of the paperwork quickly and accurately, and following through to ensure that everything goes as scheduled. The company’s web page is short and simple.

EFI’s marketing strategies appear to be appropriate because it is possible for customers to deal directly with the person in charge of each area without going through an intervening switchboard or general operator. 2. Do the organization’s structure and stated objectives appear to be appropriate given the existing and potential customer base? Both existing customers and potential customers are primarily concerned with the quality and speed of service. The company owners indicated that some of the larger firms have tried hiring salesperson, but that most did not keep them for more than three months.

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Charges for basic services do not differ sufficiently from one company to another. It is thus difficult for a sales pitch on cost to be effective, and it is hard for a sales-person to convincingly argue that one company is faster or provides better service than another if the potential new customer is not really dissatisfied with its current provider. The mission of the company is to provide the highest quality of international logistics services to agricultural importers and exporters on the west coast of the United States.

The organization’s structure and stated objectives appear to be quite challenging to achieve because they have to try to maintain and expand its initial customer base while being unable to provide importing services. The company does have people in England and Germany to represent them, and maintains contacts with other customs house brokers and foreign freight-forwarders abroad. 3. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of attempting to expand into other geographical areas or into providing similar services for other lines of business? There are several advantages of attempting to expand into ther geographical areas or into providing similar services for other lines of business. EFI Logistics will be the company that provides a wide range of services to exporters and importers. In addition, it can provide information to potential exporters and importers and assist them in developing contacts and establishing relationships abroad. The disadvantage is the company will have a challenging, and sometimes frustrating for the initial two years. The company must have two licenses in order to provide a full range of international logistics services.