These guide the senior management to improve their

These principles act as the skeleton to guide the senior management to improve their organizations performance.

1. Customer-Focused Organization:

The organization has to maintain a customer focus that understands customer present and future needs and measures current levels of satisfaction. We will work to meet and when possible, exceed customer expectations.

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2. Leadership:

Management will provide leadership, unity of purpose and direction for the company. Our management is creating an environment, which involves us all in meeting our goals.

3. Involvement of People:

We will assure the involvement of all levels in the organization towards meeting quality objectives.

4. Process Approach:

We recognize that we are more likely to be efficient and consistent if we manage our resources and activities through defined processes.

5. System Approach to Management:

The identification and establishment of a system of inter-related processes is necessary in order to meet our objectives.

6. Continual Improvement:

A focus on continuous improvement is a permanent and on-going objective of our organization.

7. Factual Approach to Decision Making:

Effective decisions are made based on facts and the analysis of relevant data.

8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships:

Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers helps us both to create value.