Eleven Paper Essay

Eleven is global company and is the world’s largest convenience retail chain which purpose and mission to make lifecycle an easier process for their customers by being where they need them to be whenever they need them to be. Which consists of sales associates, franchisees and manager, fresh sandwich makers to doughnuts bakers, to daily delivery driver to department heads.All associated of 7-Eleven are to ensure that they meet their store ustomer’s need with fast, convenient and friendly service and the products the customer want while they are the go. One of the challenges facing 7- Eleven was their inability to provide store operators, franchisees, store managers, as well as corporate employees with timely productive customer flow.

7-Eleven faced challenges to a secure and reliable network to make it easier for managers to stock fresh foods and other merchandise to keep pace with ever changing customer preferences.To better assistance their customer with more new incoming products 7-eleven advanced in their echnology throughout every store worldwide. During the process the information technology department of 7-eleven faced many challenges. Such as an upgrade in the infrastructure for growth capacity and scalability to name planned initiatives.

The in store IS system is to serve the entire portfolio that is retail handed. The services are a necessity to be highly available servers through a remote support and productive motoring capacity.There is a limit of only a five thousand plus store that is always with a limited development window. To over come the many challenges faced by 7-Elven various steps were taken to better assist the customer, company, and staff of each individual store. The solutions taken to solve the problems consist of partnering up with Hewlett – Packard to better process the check out procedures with the customer and helping employees with a quick and fast way of completing the corporate required task. -Eleven and HP teamed and created a world class attaining management from the direct development of HP services and configuration services from the express factory of HP.

HP created widespread support system comprehends the availability of the services of the performance and support system. HP and 7- Elven installed HP Proliant ML350 servers with HP Remote Inlight-Out Edition II and HP System Insight Manager software to better the flow of the cash registers and management paperwork processing.HP team installed many new software and networks to better the radios, printers, networks, power supply and the monitors to better the process of keep the customer happy when entering and exiting the store. The results from all the challenges were he organizations are fully supports of the dynamic business environment and the applications are now extended which is known as the store mobility solution. After HP installed HP ProLiant server the second computer in every store was taken out which was causing to many problems during the process doing all the paper work.After all the changes there has been a fifty to seventy percent boost in the performance of the batch process, database loads and heavy traction process runs.

The uptime and the convenience has been a big improvement. HP helped by partnering up with an emphasis on the management of the business risk modification. HP met the committed goal completion by using highly professional personal and following a process to deploy industry-leading solutions.The results of the challenges quicken the process of placing orders for fresh food and other items to be delivered to stores in less than 24 hours after the order being placed. After overcoming the inflexibly of the systems, store operations, franchisee, and store management experienced in the delays caused by the old system made it ritical for the business but after all the changes done with the IT department the business needed were completed in a timely manner since for 7-Eleven time is money.

As customer change their wants and demands from a convenience standpoint so they will be able to evolve. 7-Eleven is always willing implement new technologies in all the stores and feel confident that they can address the problem without having to go in and replacing the equipment’s. The key to success of the network and providing convince to the customer.