Eliminate the Drinking Age Essay

Should the drinking age in America be lowered? This is a question and a debate being more frequently asked. Why? Because its becoming a bigger issue, that more people are experience. I do not think the drinking age should be lowered; but instead I think it should be obsolete. My reason is closet drinkers are the worst; underaged kids are in the closet. When something is illegal or binding a certain age, it is and always will be worse then just keeping it open.

“Europe; Italy doesn’t have an age of when children can drink; its up to the parents.Yes, they might drink at age 6, but it is always eating with the family, or family friends, and they drink a glass a wine, or to relax, not to get fucked up. ” Stated Ricky a foreign exchange student from Italy. I reflected this statement and made some comparisons and observations of my own personal experience, and interaction with my friends. I noticed that one of my friends started drinking when he was 8, that is a 13 year difference then the legal age. You can only assume that if you lower the age to 18, that a 5 year old will drink.Now I know theres probably kids that start younger as is; there is more that start later. My dad started when he was 13, my boy friend when he was 15, and I had the opportunity to start when I was 14, but waited until I was 16.

Why so young? Well, if you think about it most kids were 15 there freshman year in high school, I was 14. Hanging out with the seniors and going to parties is how we accomplish this so easy. That is if are own family doesn’t help us out. I also noticed more people would be physically attracted to one another, thus more horny.Which the age of young teen pregnancies would surly drop even more; and go up in the numbers of teen pregnancies. Not to mention deaths, more drunk kids getting alcohol poisoning, or drunk driving, getting DUI’s, MIP’s, and distributing to a minor, and lastly addiction problems. This still wouldn’t solve problems of ruining kids records for getting busted at party’s. Because its legal more kids would drive, they could get in way more trouble by getting a DUI, for have .

9% instead of the legal .08% limit. A DUI, is much worse then an MIP. So no I don’t think we should not lower the drinking age, because it would only negatively effect are society. Instead I think we should make the drinking age obsolete, and to teach kids to drink a glass of wine.

“A” glass of wine “A” equals ONE, with dinner, and to be responsible. However I see many problems in transitioning over to this cultural life style. As kids today drink to get fucked up!