Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic Trainee Studies Essay

A paramedic is a highly trained and skilled medical professional who is educated to carry out some of the duties of a physician. Paramedics can examine, evaluatek and treat patients with equipment and medications usually only found in the emergency department of a hospital. Paramedics are typically utilized as emergency care practitioners on ambulances or on first response emergency vehicles. People lives often depends on the quick reaction and competent care of emergency medical tech (EMT) and paramedics emt with additional advanced training to perform more difficult prehospital medical procedures. Incidents as varied as automobile accidents, heart attacks, drowning, childbirth and gunshot wounds all require immediate medical attention. Emts and paramedics works both indoors and outdoors, in all type of weather.

They are required to do considerable kneeling,bending and heavy lifting. These workers risk noise-induced hearing loss from sirens and back injuries from lifting patients. in addition, EMTs and paramedics may be exposed to diseases such as hepatits-B and AIDS, as well as violence form drug overdose victims or mentally unstable patients. The work is not only physically strenuous, but also stressful, involing life or death situation and suffering patients. Nonetheless, many people find the work exciting and challenging and enjoy the opportunity to help others. Emt and paramedics both employed by the fire departments work about 50hrs a week. Those employed by the hospitals frequently work between 45-60 hours a week, and those in private ambulance services, between 45-50 hours. Some of these workers,especially those in police and fire department, are on call for extended function 24 hours a day, emts and paramedic have irregular working hours that add to job stress.

The requirements to be a paramedic are extremely rigorous, so its not an undertaking or a career choice to be taken lightly. The first step to be a paramedic is to get certified as an EMT-B,which is the first and most basic level of EMT training. The EMT-B training is available through many community colleges. Many community colleges have two-years degree programs in paramedic training. Oftentimes theres a pre-requisite of college-level biology,math and English in order to accepted in paramedic program. The
curriculum consists of both classroom training and clinical traning at hospital,ambulance companies and fire department. A paramedic trainee studies anatomy and physiology, as well as courses such as advanced life support, advanced pediatric life support and basic trauma life support.

Experience always determind how much you earn in any profession and as a paramedic you sould expect a starting salary that is way less than the $54k which is the average paramedic salary. 36% of paramedic are new to their profession with less then 2years experience. 23% of paramedic have two to five years experience while 17% have been working for five to ten years in this profession.those that carry over ten years working experience can be found in supervisory and managerial roles. Most starting level paramedics earn in the range of $28k-$50k while the experienced ones earning antwhere from $50k-$70k.

Paramedics and other emergency care tech are expected to experience a phenomenal growth of 33% by the year 2020. There is not only demand for paramedics in florida but all over America as well. With technology improving medical equipment in the ambulanes,you can expect advanced care for these professionals whose main agenda to provide emergency health care in every situation. Their career prospects are bright and there can only be growth In the paramedic field.