Emerging Adulthood Essay

However, there is always room for more improvement. My physical competence has definitely shown tremendous improvement. I used to be a daily smoker in my younger high school years and now can definitely fight the urge. Have been smoke free for a year. Also work out and go to the gym daily. Have a sense of confidence to handle a range of tasks, manage a range of social situations and cope with what life throws at me. During Jar. High had a bit of an anger problem. Whenever something doesn’t go my way, I would rage at my family or friends. It was very problematic and interferes with my life.

I have learned to fight my urge to be angry over small things and control myself. This is an area of my life that I have been fully aware to work on. Nowadays, I never get mad anymore and brush it off as a small issue. Will continue to take significant strides to improve this area of my life. The trick of being successful is to accept the things that happen and to move on. Fighting impulses is another step to maturity. The fact that I can delay gratification and the fact that nothing in my life has to be right away proves that am growing up.

To be independent goes so far from just being financially independent. It means to be less concerned about others opinions. This is a level of my life that feel that I have made much improvement on over the years. Back when was younger used to do things to in order to impress my peers and to feel cool. Now I just do whatever I can to push myself towards success. Another part of being mature is to accept responsibility of your own actions. Whenever I do anything wrong to myself or anyone else on purpose or accident I fully accept the blame and realize what I need to do to make up for what I have done.

It is easy to blame other people or other forces of nature UT to really accept the responsibility of your own actions is a very difficult mindset to master. A part in growing up is choosing the people you want to surround you in your life. I definitely realize it is better to keep good influences around you and people who want you to succeed. I need to gain a better appreciation Of differences and acceptances of flaws in other and myself. Try to always give me friend’s constructive criticism and try to raise other’s self esteem.

A good friend isn’t someone who is there to make you happy, but it is someone to help push you to be a better person in your life. It is good to make lasting commitments and to keep people in your life who will be with you throughout your ups and downs. It is difficult to learn this lesson but have done so by hanging out with the wrong crowd and going through a few poor relationships. When hung out with the wrong crowd, I didn’t realize how they would negatively affect my life. Now realize that it is better to just hang out with people who want to help you and family. Establishing an image of you is crucial in growing up.