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Emma KleinPerson of the Ages AssignmentJanuary 10, 2018Alexander the Great June 13, 323 B.C. 1 Conqueror RoadBabylon, PersiaPerson of the Ages Selection Committee123 Selection DriveAthens, GreeceTo Whom it may concern,I am writing to you to let you know that I, Alexander the Great, am the most amazing person of all of the ages. I will now tell you all of my wonderful accomplishments in the hope that you will recognize me as the greatest person in history.I was born on September 20 of 356 B.C. in Pella Macedonia. My father would have been  one of the greatest rulers of all time if he had not been eclipsed by my incredible rule later in life. His name was King Philip II and my mother’s name was Olympias (1). My mother Olympias raised me while telling me stories of the world’s greatest heroes and gods (2). She would also tell me how I was a direct descendant of Heracles on her side and Achilles on my father’s side (1). By the age of 16, my father was out conquering land daily and I managed the kingdom’s day to day business (1). “I weep for he leaves me little world to conquer” I said because I feared that he was so great, that I would not get to go out and get anything for myself (1). As a child I was taught by the best of the best. None other than Aristotle. The way I learned was Aristotle privately tutoring me (1). I was not a thinker but a doer and I was also a natural athlete (2). When I was around 12, my father and some other people who worked for him were trying to tame an untamable horse. I wanted to tame him and they all laughed at me. I tried anyways and ended up training the horse. I named the horse Bucephalus and the horse became my best friend  (1, 2, and 3). Later in my life, I even named cities after the horse and I was distraught when he died in India (1).Although I had an amazing life several milestones were really a turning point. The first would be when after my father died, I proved myself to the Macedonian nobles with little bloodshed (2). After this I was the ruler. The death of my father, while tragic, allowed me to live up to the potential that I always knew I had. Another turning point in my life was when I made my way into Gordian, the capital of Phrygian, and I cut the Gordian knot. Legend has it that whoever was able to untie the knot would rule the world. I simply solved the problem by cutting the knife with my sword (1, 2, 3). Finally, when I found my arch enemy Darius, dying. At this point I was able to claim the title of the Lord of Asia (3). This was such an amazing milestone for me because Darius III and I had been fighting for years and everytime I would win and he would escape and since he was finally dead, I could finally claim the title “Lord of Asia” (3). Those three events were definitely the biggest turning points in my life. I have numerous “legacy” accomplishments and I will now tell you about them. When my father passed away, I already had control over all of Greece so I decided to conquer the Persian empire (2 and 3). I made my way towards Persia and stopped in Gordian where I previously mentioned how I cut the famous Gordian Knot. My next legacy moment was beating Darius and his army in Cilicia who had almost 100,000 more troops than me. Darius was forced to flee (2). Another legacy moment was beating Darius’ army again in the Assyrian city of Gaugamela. He had over 250,000 troops and I was greatly outnumbered. I used my superior military tactics to lead my troops to victory (2). After this, I completely controlled the Persian empire while claiming the title of the Lord of Asia. Another legacy moment was when I conquered the unconquerable Mt. Aornos in 327 B.C. (3). Finally, over time I was able to conquer over 70 cities and I renamed many of them after myself. Alexandria ended up becoming the center of culture and education. At this point in my life I control all of Greece, the Persian empire, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan (1, 2, 3). I, Alexander the Great, am known as the greatest king of all time. I lie here today on June 13, 323 B.C. in my final moments of life, writing this letter to you to assure my legacy will live on. I have left my land to all of my top generals but I know that they will not rule as I did and it is only a matter of time before my empire that I worked so hard to create collapses. Please consider giving me this award so that future generations can remember me, Alexander the Great.Thanks. Sincerely,Alexander the Great