Emotional towards you, you may feel compelled to

Emotional Intelligence assists people in effectively understanding and
communicating with one another,it keeps us safe. without it life will seem chaotic and
confusing. Emotional Intelligence helps us to understand others and most importantly
yourself by knowing what emotion you or someone else is going through and how to
properly react to that emotion whether it be with actions and/or words.
In extreme cases emotional intelligence can mean risking life or death, for example,
after a heated argument with my mother, I was overwhelmed with anger. I did not at the
time have the emotional intelligence to handle that anger, I thought the “smart” thing to do
was to blow off some steam and get away from home for a while. I ended up grabbing my
car keys and headed towards the front door. My mom then stopped me and threw the keys
across the yard as hard as she could. I was FURIOUS with her, but now I am glad she did
that, why? I was angry. I was not even close to being emotionally stable enough to drive a
car, if I were to have gotten in my car i may not have been able to write this essay, I was
risking death to myself and others. I am glad I had this experience because I have learned
Fuentes 3
that you must think about what happen before you do something under the influence of
In other cases having emotional intelligence can maintain and protect friendships.
When a friend is going through some tough emotion it takes some emotional intelligence
to respond properly for the best outcome. Like when a friend is mad with an attitude
towards you, you may feel compelled to snarl back with sass but the smart thing to do
would be to ask them what’s wrong and if they want to talk about it and why they seem to
be upset, and that interaction would lead to a closer bond between you two. You felt that
you wanted to give back attitude, but you knew they needed a friend to talk to all due to
emotional intelligence.