Employee those who generate positive exposure and raiseawareness

Employee advocacy relies on your staff members to promote your company. Not every employeemakes a suitable employee advocate. You want those who generate positive exposure and raiseawareness for your company, rather than people who simply show up every day, do their job, and gohome.In today's market, businesses everywhere are competing for buyers attention. As attention spanscontinue to shrink and competition continues to grow, thought leadership — through consistentsharing of valuable and informative content — can make all of the difference in terms of brandvisibility. But, simply relying on your corporate social media effort to handle all of that for you isn'tenough these days. Using your staff members personal and individual brands to support the mainbrand offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for you and your staff.Their Content Adds to Your ExpertiseYour employee advocacy program gives you a chance to expand your content. When youremployees are also contributing to your brand's content on your official website and across socialmedia, you are given additional opportunities to show potential customers expertise in your industryor niche. Whether they write the content themselves or simply share particles from other sources,they are working with you to educate others, improve visibility, and start discussion. Employeegenerated content is a form of user-generated content that help support the authenticity of yourbrand. Employees are able to provide insights that won't be found on websites or branded socialmedia pages.Their Voices Amplify Your Social MediaEmployee advocacy program should encourage your team to be present and active online,especially on any social media platform where your audience can be found. Your branded socialmedia efforts are often hidden by platform algorithms trying to get you to pay to play. When youremployees are discussing your business, it helps amplify your social media, which makes it easierfor your audience to see your content.This doesn't mean your employees have to be talking about your company. You don't want to soundlike a broken record or a constant sales pitch. Employees can use social media to show their ownindividual expertise and talent which add to their credibility as well as your brand image. When yourteam participates on social media they can provide value to your audience by sharing theirknowledge and experience.They Add Something Unique to Your Marketing MixWho knows your company just as well as you do? Your employees. An employee advocacy programencourages them to connect with current and potential customers. It also allows you to add a uniqueflair to your overall marketing plan. You can use content your employees create online as part ofyour marketing material. Keep your employees in the loop on your organizational goals, and this willmake it easy for them to share industry or branded content with their own personal touch.While it's true that sharing ideas will not turn your brand into a thought leader overnight, it will helpbuild your social media presence. Keeping everything consistent also allows your employees to buildtheir own personal brand, which can help strengthen your overall corporate brand. Each employeeon your team comes from a different background with different experiences and knowledge level.Even though they may be working in the same industry and doing the same type of work, it doesn'tmean that they have exactly the same things to share. Two different perspectives on the same taskor event can provide insights that your audience will love.Investing in Employee Advocacy is Investing in Your CompanyThough you won't be able to build an employee advocacy program instantly, taking the time to investin building a robust employee advocacy program will help you speed the process of establishingthought leadership. Without thought leadership, your content has to fight harder to stand out amongthe competition. Once you have established thought leadership, you will see sales occurring faster,more customer loyalty, and an increase in customer lifetime value.The right employee advocacy program will lead to more knowledgeable employees who are moreengaged, and more likely to be good brand ambassadors who recommend your company to theirfriends and family. When your audience sees employee advocacy, they learn your company isknowledgeable about the industry and that you employ intelligent people who know what they'retalking about.